Crash to Main Menu on Logging on to Server 1516

Server: Official #1516
Region: America
Issue: Crash to main menu on logging in to server
Repeatable: Seems to happen each time upon logging on to server
Date when found: 29Jun2023
Game Store: Microsoft Store

When I attempt to log on to Official Server 1516, I get loading screen and after about 3 seconds of being loaded into the server, I would be returned to main menu. After verifying files and restarting the game a few times, I am returned to main menu but the ‘Server message of the day’ still displays. This occurrence seems to only be Server 1516. I logged on to Official 6110 with no issues.

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Exact same thing on Official 1502 - I can login for anywhere from 1-10 seconds and then instantly kicked back to Main Menu screen. I played fine for about an hour from 0800-0900 CST. I see patch notes from today, but my client (pc/game pass) hasn’t updated since the 25th.

If the game required updating, I would not be able to log in to any official server. This issue presents for me only when attempting to log in to 1516.

Yeah, I don’t think I agree with that. The only servers you would have difficulty connecting to, are ones that don’t share the same version as you.

e.g If the Official Server 1516 has updated their server to the release from today, and your client hasn’t updated, you would not be able to connect to that server.

Likewise, if your client updated to the version today, and the Official Server 1516 had not yet applied the new update to it, your checksum would also be off, and you would have difficulty connecting to the server.

The only reason I say this is because I also have the Microsoft Store client, and so do you. There has been no update pushed to that. The Steam version however, did push the hotfix today.

Same here, server 1520. Microsoft client. Log in, 10 sec later it crashes.
Hotfix was on PC side, consoles to be later…
I was hoping that didn’t mean PC through microsoft client.
Cause my Steam buddy is playing right now

Same thing on official 1136. Game pass version on PC. 29.06.2023 around noon CET
With other servers all ok.
Asked my clanmate kill me, thinking that the problem was getting stuck in an object or something. Respawn on the bed in same location did not give results. After my clanmate destroyed the bed and killed me, i respawned far away (west city) and no more crash to main menu. I raning to my home location, but on the half way (D7 square) crashes return (in game time before crush to main menu is 0-2 sec wihtout any messages).

Same here (kicked to main menu after 1-3 seconds) with server 1090. Other servers, like 1024, seems to work just fine.

Using PC + Microsoft client.

After a bunch of tests, we managed to find out that the cause of the disconnects is the treasure coffer. When it appears in the radius of loading / visibility of the player, it will cos of instantly disconnect. Apparently, the problem appeared only on the Microsoft store client (everything works fine in my Steam), it became relevant yesterday at 18:00 server time (immediately with the start of siege time). It is highly advisable to fix this as soon as possible, because it can be used against entire clans if their players play through the microsoft store client or similar. The issue is reproducible on official servers, but not in single player, which suggests that it is not a corrupted file (checking local files does not reveal any problems)

ALSO: His unconscious body becomes invulnerable to any damage up to a scheduled restart or server crash. After a server restart / crash, it is vulnerable for some time, but only if it does not try to enter the game. At the same time, attempts to kill him, as a rule, after some time drops the entire server.

Update: my clanmate found me and killed again, i respawned on default south and no more crashes. I killed myself by removing bracer (just in case) and ran to the base. When In radius of enviroment’s loading appeared our base - crashed again. My clanmate start destroing different object and the method of selection found out that the matter is in Treasure Coffer. After it destroing crashes to main menu no more happen. If place it again - crashes return.

Prior to this, coffer stood from the start of a Age of War update.

As a result, if I approach the base with a coffer, then I will immediately get out of the server without the opportunity to enter until my character moves away from the coffer (until die).

Additionally setting of character nudity reset to “none” after first death (was “partial”, “full” not available on game pass version even with “regional specific DLC”). Returned it in Orb of Nergal.

My character is not within proximity of any chest(s). I’m on near The Dregs entrance where there is nothing else but hostile NPCs. This is definitely an issue with the MS Store Client though it appears. I was able to create a new character on another Official Server and run around for about 10 minutes, but as soon as I tried to create stone daggers, I instantly crashed and was greeted with the same disconnects on that server now.

Again, I was not near any chests, as I was still in the starting area/path.

Maybe inventory related?

I’m in the exact same boat as you. My character is not within proximity of any treasure coffer. I play through the Game Pass, and every time I try to log into the official server I play at, I can only stay inside the server for about 3-5 seconds, then it kicks me back to the main menu. The server message of the day also appears for me. No other message or error alert shows up. The items in my inventory don’t show up properly and I think opening my inventory actually contributes to my session crashing and kicking me out to the main menu.
This is what happens when I try to log in:
Vídeo sin título ‐ Hecho con Clipchamp

I have the same issue on the official server 1522 EL. My coffer is in my base and it does not load in time to remove it before I crash to the menu. I haven’t tried breaking the floor but it appears that does not work either. I have played the last three days on server 6436 Siptah but I stay in a secluded location. My character was created before AOW and I am not around any other large bases so presumably, no coffers are in render distance. As long as I avoid large bases I don’t get kicked. Since the Steam client got a hotfix within 24 hours of the issue, the delay for Microsoft store owners is probably on Microsoft, not Funcom. I remember the Halloween event many years ago where Xbox players were stuck in the perpetual darkness for an extra 2-3 weeks after Steam and Playstation received their fixes because Microsoft was slow to approve the patch content.

I’m stuck with this as well since the 29th. Would appreciate Funcom’s official acknowledgement of this issue.

I managed to remove the foundations under my Koffer and everything worked for 5 minutes, now it’s back and I have no Koffer at all around me.

i have this issue as well even in Single player

The issue is the treasure coffer. Anyone’s treasure coffer will drop you out of the server. This is happening on Microsoft client currently. The issue begins within loading range of any coffer.

Greetings Exiles,

Can you let us know if you’re still finding this issue in-game?

If so, please let us know the server number and character name so we can forward it to the development team in order to further investigate.

If you prefer you can send us a private message with this information.

Thank you in advance!

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