Immediately kicked to main menu while loading

Everytime I try to load into the dedicated server, I get instantly kicked to the main menu when i load in and when i try again. When i try to join again, i get kicked while loading. It also shows that im level 13 or 25 or 45 when im already level 60. I play on xbox game pass pve asia server.

Exact same issue here, started yesterday, EU server but was able to connect perfectly fine to the Isle of Siptah server we play on, 100% a Microsoft Client/Gamepass issue again… Reinstall doesn’t fix it like other gamepass exclusive issues in case you were thinking of trying it.

Yah figured, already tried reinstalling and still same thing.

Looks like the same issue as this thread Crash to Main Menu on Logging on to Server 1516 - #10 by deesnomed

XBox Game Pass client issue – Have you tried creating a new character on another server to test stability? I was able to play for about 5 minutes until I crafted an item, and was promptly kicked back to main menu.

I did but only hopped on to see if i could stay for more than a few second then I left.

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