Crashes, always and again crashes

Ce matin, j’ai fait 4 raids et sur ces 4 raids, SWL a crashé 4 fois en sortant du raid…

Quand allez-vous réparer cette situation, c’est vraiment insupportable de crasher autant…

Quand nous sommes à OD, idem, soit qu’on crash, soit qu’on a un écran bleu (pour l’écran bleu, plusieurs personnes m’ont indiqué comment faire pour revenir dans le jeu sans qu’on devient déserteur et retrouver un écran normal).

Quand on entre en donjon ou qu’on sort du donjon, pareil, crash ou écran bleu…

Quand on est dans un raid, plusieurs crash dès l’entrée du raid ou on crash quand on en sort, qu’on fasse click sur la sortie même ou en faisant MAJ + V, ça crash tout de même…

Dès fois, je crash 5 à 10 fois voire plus parfois par jour, c’est vraiment insupportable mais heureusement qu’il y a des jours où j’ai aucun crash… Quand ça commence, ben ça ne finit plus…

Plusieurs débutants ont complétement désinstaller SWL à cause de ces crash qu’ils ont dans les missions et quêtes. Je le sais car je les suis sur Twitch et je vois bien les crash qu’ils ont… j’essaie de les convaincre de rester mais, je pense qu’ils ont raison de désinstaller, un jeu qui crash tout le temps ne vaut pas le coup d’y rester…

Faîtes quelque chose, please ???
Merci de votre compréhension…

This morning, I did 4 raids and on these 4 raids, SWL crashed 4 times when exiting the raid …

When are you going to fix this situation, it’s really unbearable to crash so much …

When we are at OD, ditto, either we crash, or we have a blue screen (for the blue screen, several people have told me how to return to the game without becoming a deserter and find a normal screen).

When you enter a dungeon or exit the dungeon, the same, crash or blue screen …

When you are in a raid, several crashes as soon as you enter the raid or you crash when you exit, whether you click on the exit itself or by doing SHIFT + V, it still crashes …

Sometimes, I crash 5 to 10 times or even more sometimes a day, it’s really unbearable but fortunately there are days when I have no crash … When it starts, well it never ends …

Several newbies have completely uninstalled SWL because of these crashes they have in missions and quests. I know this because I follow them on Twitch and I can see the crashes they have … I try to convince them to stay but, I think they are right to uninstall, a game that crashes all the time doesn’t not worth staying there …

Do something, please ???
Thank you for your understanding…


Funcom won’t do something, but for me I have to exit the raid to a place that has few other players. I usually go to New York or Kingsmouth. If I go to Agartha I always crash. It is different for everybody, though. Try exiting the raid to different places and try to find somewhere that will not crash when you exit.

But the other crashes… I can crash 5 times in 10 minutes. Or maybe I’ll crash once every hour. I never know.


This doesn’t solve all the crashing issues you have mentioned, however, whether purely by luck or not ever since I installed the mod “Five Alive” I have not crashed on any of my characters leaving NYR. I’ve gone from crashing 50% of the time no matter how I left the instance to absolutely zero NYR leaving crashes for about 4 months straight. Curious if anyone with this mod has had a similar experience.


This morning, I crashed 3 times during KD lair, FPS was practically zero in OD and in a MB fight.
I crashed leaving NYR SM.
THEN, before setting up my PC for sleep, I noticed that I had downloaded a Windows critical update.

AFTER the update, I restarted SWL and, so far, everything works (except I have to reload every zone once in order to avoid extremely slow loads later).
Anyone else with this same problem?

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J’ai testé tout ce que vous m’avez dit…

Ta méthode fonctionne bien @Darxide

Ta méthode aussi fonctionne bien @drenneth, j’ai retiré le dernier add’on et depuis (je touche du bois) tout est redevenu normal, je ne crashe plus…

Le dernier add’on était “alia”, un formidable add’on pour les raids e10 et e17, je l’aimais bien mais ça se peut que mon pc ou mon système n’accepte pas ce add’on, dommage… je n’ai pas l’intention de le remettre, je ne crashe plus et j’espère que ça va durer longtemps comme ça…

Ton idée @azriel m’a fait penser à l’add’on, pour cela que j’ai suivi l’idée de Drenneth, parce que c’est la dernière chose que j’ai fait avant tous ces crash intempestifs

Merci à vous!

I tested everything you told me …

Your method works well @Darxide

Your method also works well @drenneth, I removed the last add’on and since (I touch wood) everything is back to normal, I don’t crash anymore …

The last add’on was “alia”, a great add’on for the e10 and e17 raids, I liked it but it could be that my pc or my system does not accept this add’on, too bad … I don’t intend to put it back, I don’t crash anymore and I hope it will last a long time like this …

Your idea @azriel made me think of the add’on, why I followed Drenneth’s idea, because it’s the last thing I did before all those untimely crashes

Thank you!

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I’m glad that helped but its not exactly what I was trying to explain. There is a different mod (FiveAlive) which since I have had installed I have not crashed leaving the NYR instance. It changes some of the group UI which may have somehow fixed the issue of crashing when leaving NYR. I was wondering if anyone with that mod experienced similar results.

As a side note I also use the mod your referring to “Alia” and it doesn’t seem to give me any issues but perhaps there is some interaction with your setup that might have caused it to give you issues.

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When Five Alive was first updated for SWL a few years back, a lot of people said it made the game more stable.


Did you remove ALIA and add Five Alive at the same time?

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Oui, j’ai désinstallé “Alia” et Non, je n’ai pas installé “FiveAlive”
Tout est redevenu normal, je ne crashe plus pour l’instant…

Yes, I uninstalled “Alia” and No, I did not install “FiveAlive”
Everything is back to normal, I’m not crashing for the moment …

Ok. When you said you tried Drenneth’s method, I thought that meant you did.

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A small note:
I always had “FiveAlive” installed, and I never crashed from exiting or entering the raid.
Also, I almost never have any crashes, only the blue flicker bug every now and then.

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where do you find “Five Alive”? please?

I’m not sure where you can find it. It was always shared around Discord and other places like that. I’ve uploaded it to DropBox for you.

It just goes in the \Secret World Legends\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash folder. You get to the settings by unlocking the GUI with the lock icon in the top-right corner of the screen, then you can adjust the windows.


Merci @Darxide / Thank you !


Exactly, Funcom won’t do something. They refuse to stabilize their games. It feels like a bad drug. I want to quit, but I can’t, and if I don’t quit, why would they bother to fix it?

I wish they’d stop being so mercenary and actually spend the time and resources the stabilize their games, but I won’t hold my breath …

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I would love to do the SWL drug as well, Seleos, but every time I put the pill in my mouth it re-hydrates into a fking umbrella

I think about SWL and TSW every year. It’s the only MMO I’d definitely play and definitely recommend just for setting, theme, etc, but Funcom’s a joke. This game in one form or another has been out for almost ten years and it’s never been stable. There are those lucky few who it works just fine for, but they’re 1 in a thousand. I’ve played TSW and SWL on various PC’s throughout the years and the one thing that drives me away every time is the crashing. CTD’s aren’t even so bad, but the last time I played it was full on Windows-crashing. Not even blue screen, but lockups without overheats. Freezes with the mouse still available.

It’s like they’re always trying to make just one game into their golden cash cow cough anarchy cough, but are too stupid to realize that if they fed all of their cows (or at least the important ones) they wouldn’t be such a joke. Seriously, even as it is now (neglected af) I would play it if it was even remotely stable- or if stability didn’t demand that I downgrade my graphics drivers or some other garbage fix.

In my case the best crash free solution is, use high settting instead of ultra and win7 compatibility mode on AwesomiumProcess.exe and windows 8 compatibility mode on SecretWorldLegendsDX11.exe or dx9 … The compatibility tipp come from redit user Cryostasis.

Maybe this help for someone. :slight_smile:

Heres my take on eliminating crashes on Secret World Legends:

First, put all the executables in Win7 compatibility mode. It helps a lot. Second, dont run any graphic over-rides that bypass game’s functions - it dont like that. So evrything should be “application controlled” or “off”. Third, Dx11 can have problems sometimes, try Dx9. My game works fine in Dx11 (I got a AMD card), but maybe some dont.