Crashes and Bugs on xbox one

Hello to everyone. Unfortunately, the practice of this great game is spoiled by a lot of bugs on Xbox one. Crash, back to home xbox, freezes, items impossible to pick up, characters blocked, incompréhensibles shots through the walls,… Hoping sincerely that you solve all these problems quickly, this game deserves attention. Thank you so much.

Another crashes in the middle of a fight. I admit to being fed up.:angry::angry:

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The game crashes on launch. Reinstalling the game and deleting the save did not help.

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Hey there,

I am merging similar threads reporting crashes on the Xbox One version of the game into this topic.
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Hi there, I have reported a bug with its own thread too. My game crashes by trying to open a chest/crate. Even hard reset and re-install did not help. My Xbox One X immediately shuts down if I open a chest. This all happens before I even get to the elevator to the Arche.

XBox One
Froze midcombat in Metal Fields. Closed the game, and now it won’t start up anymore. Losing progress is one thing, losing access to the entire game is another. This is unacceptable.

Unacceptable so long after its release, the problems have not yet been fixed. It is impossible to play, the game closes almost every hour when we do a teleportation, sometimes it closes in the middle of the battle. The patch was released on PS4, what is the problem that has not yet been released on xbox one? I demand a reply, or a refund.

I just bought it and everytime I join a PVE or PVE-C server it loads in, I run around for maybe 10 seconds, and it crashes to home screen. Hard to like a game I cant play except on solo. This is my second attempt at a fun looking online massive multiplayer online game and this sux.

I have the same problem in xbox one, before the title screen appears ,the game crash.
I tried to restart and reinstall the game but didn’t work.
Nice game btw

I have the same problem on Xbox one worked fine yesterday got a console update this morning now it crashes at the bearded ladies logo screen uninstalled multiple times with no luck I was really enjoying it and looking forward to getting back on but it just won’t load up now

I’m having a similar issue on XBox One.
The game froze midcombat, and now when I try to restart the game it freezes before reaching the title screen.

I reinstalled the game, and now it won’t start up at all. I get the error message:
“Something went wrong”

Update 2:
I restarted the console, reinstalled the game, then restarted the console again. The game seems to be working again? More updates to come if the issue persists.

I started playing the game on Xbox One X and encountered occasional crashes (mainly on fast travel). Then tried to continue playing on an original Xbox One console and the game crashes on launch.