[Critical Bug][Xbox One X] Game shuts down console when opening a chest

Hi there, like the game but just have a criticial bug that doesn’t let me open chests anymore. First appearance was at the zone with the elevator to the arche. After fighting the enemies trying to open the chest in the building caused an immediate shutdown of my console. Tried to open that chest several times with the exact same effect. started a new game and now this bug occurs when I try to open the first available chest with a new game. I play on Normal.

Is this a known bug?
Are there any workarounds?

Edit: After doing a hard reset the game worked again for 1 chest but at the second chest at the elevator the same bug appeared again. In this state the game is unplayable for me.

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Domyou have scorpio edition?

We have another thread going with a bunch of us having the same problem. You’re not alone :slight_smile:

Hopefully they patch it so we can finish the game.

No the standard one. I don’t think it is hardware related as I have zero issues with other games that are much more demanding to the console.

Can you post the thread title here so I can post there too?

and maybe

^ But you seem to be posting to that one. :slight_smile:

Thx a lot.

The Overheat shutdown is my bug, but my console is no way overheated as this can happen with a fresh start, loading the game just before a chest and then just open the chest. It is a programming bug for sure.

Yeah, I don’t think the other people were getting actual overheats, just that whatever bug was happening was causing that erroneous error code as the reason for the shutdown.

I’ve had my Xbox One X overheat and shut off 4 times today. I belive all of them were when opening a weapon or armor chest. The game is great and looks awesome, but it shouldn’t be maxing out an Xbox One X.

This happens for me too. It’s so strange issue.

I have saved just before opening of a chest, and when i load that save, open the chest the xbox crash due to overheat (It says that when booting up the xbox again).

The funny thing is that it also happens when opening chests in Battlefront 2 :slight_smile:

I’ve also taken to just saving the game before opening any chests as a precaution, I just don’t want it to wreck my xbox in the long term if I keep playing.

I’ve researched some more. Do you have a Xbox One X Scorpio Edition?

After googling around a bit, it seems theres more people that have heat issue with that one.

Mine is also the Scorpio, I spent 3+ hours on the phone with Microsoft and they can’t guarantee you’ll get a Scorpio back if you send it in for warranty repairs.

That being said, it’s run much more demanding games like RDR2 and AC Odyssey with no crashes and just the fans going full speed. So while our Scorpios’ poor construction might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, it shouldn’t be anywhere near overheating with this game.

When you say “can’t guarantee you’ll get a Scorpio back if you send it in for warranty repairs” you mean that they can’t guarantee that you will get THAT one back, but still a replacement? :slight_smile:

Hehe, right. You’ll get an Xbox One X back, but it may or may not be a Scorpio edition.

Same thing happening to me, Xbox one X Scorpio edition. This is the only game that does it to me, and only when opening a chest. Gonna have to stop playing, not risking damage to my console even if it is just a bug and not an over heating issue.

Any chance at a developer response? I love the game and would really like to finish it.

Add me to the list, XB1X Scorpio edition, well ventilated and never shutdown due to overheating before (just put in 80+ hrs on RDR2) but this game has taken it down twice.

Something is not right as the game doesn’t even run that smooth in combat :frowning:

Same thing happening to me, Xbox one X.

Mutant Year Zero bug crashes console with overheating error https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFr62WzcXIw