Crashes at seemingly random times

For some time, I’ve been crashing while playing SWL. Not just having the game lock up(which also happens sometimes) but actually killing my machine entirely, forcing a hard reset.

Generally, sound(or, at least, music and whatever sound was playing when it happens) continues to play but all video and input is frozen entirely. The machine becomes completely unresponsive.

There is no clear rhyme or reason to it; at first I thought my video card was overheating but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve seen it happen multiple times in quick succession in a single night, and also have gone hours or even entire days where it didn’t happen.

Currently using an NVIDIA GTX 580 on Windows 7, running DX9. Drivers are fully up to date.

Have you considered that your video card might be dying of old age? At around 8 years old that would be hardly surprising. I was using a 580 myself until two months ago and it showed the exact same symptoms as yours.

Also, NVIDIA stopped supplying driver updates for the 500 series in April of 2018.

Well, I’ve not been having the problem with other games or applications, and very frequently with SWL.

Also, when I say ‘recently’ that might have been a misnomer; it has been well over a year, thinking about it. I put in a ticket about it in-game long ago and didn’t get any particularly useful answer, but I wasn’t on the forums at the time.