Crashing on Startup Xbox one

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash
Region: [UK]

Game crashes when I start it up . This is on Xbox one I did the big update which was 49gb and now i can’t play the game . Any way to sort this out

Try a full shutdown or hard reset.

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I have had the crash on startup since the update. Have done several hard resets. Hoping to get help before permanently deleting game. Have a lot of money and time in this game which I hate to throw away.

same here and getting no answer is just as annoying

Have you checked your NAT type? Should be set to Open. Also, go into your router, shut off UPnP, restart router, enable UPnP, restart Xbox. I also had to go into my router and open some ports that XBox was using.

I was having so many issues after patch. Would log in to game, see myself for a split moment and then crash! Going through these steps and making sure the Multiplayer could pull a Teredo Ip address from XBox changed my life and spared a couple controllers from the ole rage smash.

in English please haha

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