[CRAT] - PvP stupidity

I believe that its about time that we remove the thing where Demotivational speeches puts you into PvP. I’m not a PvP’er, and I would probably loose a fight as PvP. BUT I do believe I should be allowed to stand still in the street without my buffs killing me.

So what exactly you don’t like with this? The fact it can flag you when u forget to remove the aura and someone flagged runs around? Why don’t you simply learn to remove the aura before you enter a playfield? We all do it, It is an offensive aura designed to harm your opponent…in this case AOE. I guess you left your crat AFK in public area and someone ganked you. Oh well … imagine AO if all requests like this would be filled. We may as well just play this offline.

But yeah remove it, there is not any PVP anyway and this can only be beneficial to MB afkers around RK to get some extra help… lol

On another note, you can believe in whatever you want but don’t get high hopes for any update for this game, some of us are just milked out of our $ while the other half dupe items to buy GRACES from them with exploited credits :sweat_smile: :wink: and Funcom is OK with it.

Obviously I keep forgetting it, and it might be offensive, but so would technically buffing someone you don’t like too. So for a omni point of view something positive affecting a clanner would seem provocative, and as such should be removed.

And I have less problems with it happening when I’m by the keyboard paying attention, thank when one is standing in the middle of boreal or something afk and running around in my house doing stuff. and then coming back to find myself at reclaim.

And since you pointed out that I might be too lazy to turn of a speech. Well that would make the ones running around killing people not present cowards? I mean where is the fun and challenge in killing someone not quite there?