Crazy Idea! Rift between servers

Let’s create a fictional player here, Greg, this man is lvl 60 guy, part of a clan with another lvl 60 folks, all geared up, they ate to a good part, if not all of the PvE content the game has to offer, his clan also dominates the PvP scenario of the Official Server they play on, and his clan got tired of raiding the lesser plebs at their server. They’re not kin of migrating to another server and start from scratch again, they feel like that is the boring way to explore the “replayability” of a game.

And then Greg wished that there was a way to “invade” other official servers for a limited amount of time with all the gear they can carry while keeping their character levels and attributes, so that he could pick a fight with that other big clan that dominates the other server.

This is my 2 cents of how such a system should work.

1 - After unlocking the map room, you’ll find that there’s a way to unlock a portal ( or wathever… a magical broom, a sacrificial ritual in mass, or a secret erotic dance ).

2 - After acquiring the recipe, it would also require you to gather rare materials to craft the building parts ( or items ) to make such mechanism.

3 - With all the parts ready you’re now ready to open a one time in-and-out ticket to another valid server and crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women.

This is no way the best implementation of such a system, it’s just the most restrictive I can think within reason, and also being very subjective.

I can name some games with similar systems like Aion, Rift and even Dark Souls, so the exact way it can work is irrelevant, I want to know what do you guys think about the possibility to visit alien servers for a short time.

will everyone jump to the oldest server is the only one that works, rest is all bad. hahaha

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