Creating an alt copy of the game?

So my daughter has seen me play and is now showing interest in CE. Like any good gamer, she wants to experience everything herself, not take over dad’s character and play from there.

She is a little too young for me to throw her on an official server or any public server for that matter.

Yet if i start her own single player game, i lose all i have already created and lose access to my own little sandbox realm in which i can experiment.

So is there a way to create alt copy of the game or at least copy necessary files to save my single player game and hers, allowing us to load whichever is needed when we play?

Find folder “(???)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved” on your PC and move file “game.db” into another folder. It contains all your realm, so your daughter will start a new game. Then you can backup her “game.db” and replace it with your file.

Perfect. Thank you so much!

The marked solution will work perfectly.

As an alternative, you can use @Mikey toolkit for single player. Here is the Reddit post for download.

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Another solution would have been to set up a second account to which she logs in to. Via Familyshare - or by sharing on the same machine - she could even play into the same world as you while not being in the same…

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