Creepiest sounds in the Exiled Lands silenced


(testlive, singleplayer, no mods)

Sorry to report that Imi’s Cradle (the patch of flowers on Telith’s Island in H8 (Exiled Lands) is no longer playing the creepy demonic whispers.

(Side question: what does haunt the Sanctuary ruins? The journey step completes, and supposedly we have listened to Telith’s ghost singing and it has given us a new perspective on Tyros the Deathbringer - but nothing actually happens, there’s no ghost, no song, no new perspective. Is there something missing, or is it something that was never implemented?)


I think it’s missing a ghost, several ghosts are missing in the Exiled Lands map nowadays.


If I remember correctly there is a lorestone on the island. i don’t remember what she says, but I guess that tells the story about what haunts the ruins.


you’re welcome


There is indeed a lorestone - but it is the first Lemurian lorestone, and just covers the ‘You are not less than them…You can be free…When the time comes I will free you’ stuff. It is placed next to a statue of Tyros, but it provides no insight about Tyros or Telith (it doesn’t even suggest that Telith is the Witch Queen’s daughter - we find that out elsewhere). I suspect at some point it might have been intended to give a little more information linking these points together, but now the lorestone seems to be the only bit left still working.


Yeah , I have been up , down, inside, outside, all around that area and the lorestone and the patch of flowers is the only thing I have ever found.

I’ve been playing this game since pre-release and never heard any singing?? Nor seen any ghosts there. Just a couple of angry bears.

Maybe it was implemented on PC versions but not consoles…

It was one plot hole that did seem, well…unfilled…


I’ve been there hundreds of times, same thing. What NOW haunts the ruins is a big ole Scare Bear. :bear:


Don’t forget her cubs :slight_smile: (Picked up 8 of them yesterday - and it was the waiting around for them to respawn that got me thinking about this again :wink: )


That girl was tiros lover and that has been missing going on 3 years now I think but yeah it’s been gone since release on Xbox

Oh, so that sound effect is in the wrong place? That’s what should be haunting the flower patch?

Makes more sense than a seemingly random spot in the desert.

Maybe that sound was meant for there, or maybe that was just meant to be eerie unnamed city sound effect.

When I first ran by it, that sound scared the sh*t out of me. Now i run around there quite frequently if I miss that sound!

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