Critical error in game network code - Funcom devs take no responsibility

For two weeks now, we have had a problem where our server disconnects once a Purge starts. I have reported this as a bug, but some community manager on this forum just kicked me away to some private Discord server, saying that they have no part in this, since we don’t play on an official server. Meanwhile, I can with all sincerity and with a lot of knowledge from a software engineer and a network admin say that the fault lies in the networking code in the game deployed in the last two updates. Prior to them, the purges had worked without errors.

I have several log files from my server saying “critical error” and errors in the executables, but I cannot upload anything since I only recently joined the forum.


You need to clarify your server, hosted local or at a hosting company, whether there are mods, etc. Without that no-one can really help you.

Some of the fators you can find in many other similar tickets logged (Search in the Forum) will show how others in the past have reported/dealt with/solved this issue - it has been reported before.

Issues such as server credentials, modded or not, connection issues, memory, etc - all things that can cause a server to glitch out when the +Purge does its memory and performance surge.

My report contains all the information one should need. The server is hosted through G-portal, and they have done all they can on their end - cleared caché, upped hardware, moved to a new slot - and it did not solve the issue. The server is modded, but I have tested the server with mods and without mods, and the issue still persists.
My PC is capable of high performance and has last Fall been upgraded, we’re talking about a total overhaul of the hardware, in fact.
Finally, the issue is exactly the same as many players had reported earlier - check the web for videos and posts dating all the way back to 2023.

As an addendum, things were all well and fine two weeks ago (I play roughly every weekend, due to free time being sparse); the problem started first on Saturday the 15th of June, and the new update did not resolve the issue either.

Good luck then.
I do know in one incidence that I removed all the update files and then all the mods (AFTER making a FULL backup of the game file of course :slight_smile: ) and then re-ran the Game Update and then reinstalled all the Mods and that fixed - although once I did have to revert to a previous backup, which was regrettable. Hope you get things sorted.

Unfortunately they are not going to even look at this; it’s also not in the right section.

@Grymm is correct, it needs more details and specifically as outlined here.

Warning, the button does not work, you have to copy and paste the info into a new post.

@sanderbrown83 did post a bug report in the correct section.

Unfortunately, they received only a canned response from a community manager, saying that they should ask on the Admins United Discord.

The canned response doesn’t make it clear whether this is just a friendly advice where to find more info, or a dismissal of the issue. It’s unclear whether the bug report will be passed to the devs for consideration or not.


Ahh good and… not good.

First inclination for me is that it’s not specific to their server of course, it is happening with all.

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I do so too, would be a shame to have to reinstall a server with all the progress we made((
In any case, I appreciate people taking interest in my issue, whether it is to offer advice or even sharp critique; I know I’m not a patient person, I’m at an age where free time is a constant battle, and having issues with that one thing that brings me joy (right after seeing my wee ones smile and laugh, of course) is a pain in the arse.

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Aye, I’ve seen people on YouTube showcasing this specific bug/network issue back to 2023, before the Purge mechanics got remade. They had the same problem: during a Purge, the server would drop the connection, causing all kinds of buggery, even thralls turning up dead after reconnecting.


That is what Backups are for. Quality Hosting companies have a Backup facility available to schedule. Server Admins should be doing backups before any update, and usually on a daily cycle. Then very little progress is lost. If no backups are done, well, that’s a pity. Lessons learned.

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