Critique on Testlive Religious Armor Changes

  • Zath: While this armor is the same as standard Epic Light, it is not on par with the other Light Religious Armors. Feet Armor is named LOC_Zathite_Sandals
  • Mitra: No Head armor, only +4
  • Set: No Hand armor, only +4, but having Gas Protection could be a fine trade-off?
  • Yog: Is it supposed to give +2 Survival per piece, giving +10 Survival?
  • Ymir: Classified as Heavy armor but significantly lower armor value than Epic Heavy, only +4
  • Derketo: Head armor is lower than the other Light Religious Armors
  • Jhebbal Sag: Only has Head Armor, Armor value is equal to the Standard Light Armor, No Attribute Bonus


Light Epic: 16/28/8/20/8
Zath: 16/28/8/20/8, +5 Vitality
Mitra: -/31/9/22/9, +4 Grit
Set: 18/31/-/22/9, +4 Accuracy, Gas Protection
Yog: 18/31/9/22/9, +10 Survival
Derketo: 13/31/9/22/9, +5 Agility
Jhebbal Sag: 6/-/-/-/-

Heavy Epic: 160/280/80/200/80
Ymir: -/185/53/132/53, +4 Strength

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