Crom coin purchase issue is NOT resolved as they say. Be warned


Forum announcement says it’s resolved. It isn’t. Purchased coins and didn’t get them.

Also, cannot get the new bug report to work on iOS. It makes no sense.

Fill it out, then look below (AFTER the button to create a new topic) and it should show it. Copy the completed version. Click on button to make a new topic that it gives you and paste the text into the topic. It’ll format it accordingly and you can modify anything necessary from that topic. The confusion seems to stem from the fact that it shows the button before the text you need to copy. That’s why you see a lot of messed up submissions for bugs that say something like “copy the below text.”

Besides CC issues are zendesk anyways

Submit a request – Funcom

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i just tried buying coins today after the 3.0 update and got a error…my account was debited and money taken but i aint got no coins! im on pc, steam

My account was held hostage until I bought coins that I had never purchased before. I had only purchased the battle pass in chapter two and used the crom coins i earned from the battle pass to get something from the store yesterday before i got off and today when i logged back on it was showing i was banned. However, when I checked my account balance, it showed that I had negative coins. In order to get my account unbanned, I had to buy the coins. I read online that some people have been waiting over a year for a response to their ticket, so I believe that this practice is unacceptable. It feels like thievery, and I believe that Funcom is behaving unethically by doing this. Despite these issues, I still wanted to play the game, but I am concerned that more people may be falsely accused of violating the rules and banned from the game due to issues with Crom coins

Same here. Several hours ago. And they even said that it’s fixed in announcements. Whatever gets us to spend money, right?

Yep. The part where they take your money works flawlessly though. Always has.

Nope. There’s nothing below.

Yeah. Ever since Tencent took over, it’s become a scam. I’m reporting a chargeback to my bank.

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well if i dont get it by tomorrow im filling a claim with paypal so i better get my dam coins

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Greetings everyone,

If you are still experiencing issues with your purchases, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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