Crossbows and such

whats the situation with crossbows?..are they coming back?..yes no why?

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I think they said in one of the streams that crossbows are not coming back.

Correct Tephra. If memory serves me correctly it was not the most recent dev stream but the one prior to that. Im fairly certain that Tascha stated that the nature of their design would make their reimplementation very difficult, and as such they would probably not be making a return. I will admit that I was a little disheartened by this news, and really wanted to see Crossbows make a return in some form or capacity.

It seems I was correct. This is psrt of Multiguns summary of the May dev stream recap.

Crossbows be Added Back into the Game in the Future? (1:08:00):

No. Via Rob: It’s mostly how it was implemented before and how they were adjusted that way. And that they need to be completely adjusted and altered to fit newer methods.


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