Crouch and stand still to stop bleed damage

I think Conan Exiles could benefit from a bleed system that works like the one found in Monster Hunter. Bleed is applied and damages you like normal, but if you stop moving and crouch the damage stops. In Monster Hunter this also clears the bleed effect, but I would be fine with it still requiring a time out or bandage to clear. This also gives more utility to the crouch feature, which at the moment doesn’t seem very useful besides not falling off edges.

Crouch needs love, truly.

Crouch has more uses lol don’t forget you move like a fraction of a millisecond faster when over encumbered if crouching. :smile:

On a seriously note bandages should stop bleeding immediately but still stop the healing effect if you move and aloe bandages should diminish poison effects.


Crouch as it stands right now is purely a cosmetic thing, it serves no real purpose, this idea is a good one, and if they ever add a burn ailment, give it the same cure as on Monster Hunter, the good ol’ “stop, drop and roll”.

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This and allow us to use sand to distinguish it too.

Bleed is annoying as f*** in World. They ruined it from how it was previously.

Most people hate bleed, which thankfully is only inflicted by Behemoth and Odogaron. Seems likely that the incoming Nargacuga will inflict it as well.

Ideally, moving normally shouldn’t exacerbate your bleeding, but dodging should because your body is moving rapidly and jerkign about, which rips wounds.

I believe that is how Bleed used to work in Monster Hunter. You could walk and the like and recover. But evading would keep it going.

People don’t know how annoying it is until they get hit with Bleed by Odogaron and have to squat down in the middle of a hunt while it keeps coming at you.

(just throwing this rant in here because it was about the uselessness of crouch as it stands.)

Crouching would make bandages useless I think.


Crouch needs to be a stealth mechanic like it was meant to be. It should lessen the notice range of aggro for pve monsters and offer a transparency (not true invisibility) for pvp to make it harder to see people. Or at least hide your name when crouching (for pvp) so people aren’t smacked in the face with your name plate when you are sneaking up on them at night.

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Crouch is like the default lazy method of stealth that most games tend to favor. It doesn’t make a lot of sense without supporting mechanics.

  1. Crouching in broad daylight should not make you harder to see. If someone is crouching 200-300 feet away from me with no cover whatsoever, I don’t care if they are crouched, you can instantly see them. At night in the dark, sure it could work at making you harder to see, because of already reduced visibility.

  2. Color blending should be used with crouch for stealth during the daylight. Wearing colors similar to the landscape around you. So you go from being someone crouched in plain sight (and looking like a fool), to something that looks like brush or a rock.

Could you imagine body paint that works like camouflage when you crouch!? That would be kinda cool! However until proven otherwise I think its to complex for the staff atm.

They should take a look at Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater and it’s face paint/camo index setup.

Technically the warpaints could be turned into camo templates (coz they are pretty useless) or at least have camo templates added to the bunch.

As far as i know, bandages are the only heal items which aren’t cancelled by bleed damage. Allowing to use bandages to counter bleeds while you wait them to run out.
It’s a stricktly out-off combat option thought.

You want to suppress bleed effect so you can heal the damage without applying bandages?

Never played Monster World.

I wouldn’t say it needs to let me heal damage while the bleed is still applied, just suppress loss of health while crouched. I could then look through my inventory for bandages without the fear of bleeding out, or if I’m in a safe enough spot, wait out the bleed.

I’m mostly just tired of dying after I win a fight because I didn’t have bandages on my bar.

Well, this is the idea of bleeds - being a prolonged damage on a timer. Suppressing them simply by crouching kind of undermines the hole thing.

Inside combat that makes perfect sense. But outside combat why can’t I staunch the flow of blood while I look for bandages? I didn’t just say crouching to suppress the effect, I said crouching and standing still, so this would be more difficult to abuse in combat. It could also half the damage of bleed, or reduce it to one perstack at each tick so it still interupts heals.

Why you don’t put bandages in your bar, then ? Rather than asking the game to be changed to fit your gameplay you could modify it to fit the game. Especially when it’s as easy as putting a stack of bandages in your bar.
Thinking why you get so much stacks of bleeding that you bleed to death before you’ve time to apply healing, might help too. Perhaps there’s something wrong in how fight.