Crushed/Blocked by Pets/Thralls

Hi team,

Decided to make this post as I have had this issue 3 times in a single 3 hour play window and countless times this week.

The issue: Using a horse and a thrall, in my case a Sabertooth (this was happening far more commonly with the Greater Tuskbeast) I will be exploring something or running around or at worst, fighting another player and my pets will both spawn on top of me or near me and run so close to my character that I cannot move. I will either be pinned by something and by pet or both of my pets.

I cannot mount the horse, I cannot move them or stand them guard somewhere in first person or third person, I cannot kick them or swing them out of the way, I cannot climb, my only way out is to relog for 20 minutes until the scouting timer has finished and they return to their guard positions. On one occasion there was a fellow clan-mate who was able to call the pets off me but that has been my only joy.

On the Exiled Lands map, this was less of an issue because I could just die and run back (still annoying), however, with the addition of the “Sigils” dying and running back is not only dying and running back it’s running “X” amount of dungeons again where “X” is the number of Sigils randomly lost.

My suggestion is to add an “Unstuck” feature, the specifics I can see potential exploitation with so would need to be carefully thought out.

Any other suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


It is interesting that you said crushed in the title because that’s what happened to my clanmate on an official pvp server. He was overencumbered transporting loot when his thrall teleported on top of him and crushed him. Another player looted all that stuff and half our building mats were gone

I’ve made so many posts about this issue lol :joy: I think just make a kick knock you’re thrall or horse back. Simple and easy solution that I can’t see any issue with in any game mode.


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