CtA: New VOIP Bug and Feedback Thread

Please report any issues and feedback about the new VOIP System in this thread.

Keeping the reports according to our guidelines for bug reporting will help us immensely by collecting and looking through your input.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

The voip sounds very good, but the microphone icon that is supposed to appear over the one who is talking is very inconsisstent and very rarely appears, if you make that icon appear properly you have a homerun :+1:


Server: HyborianAgeTest
Category: VoIP Bug

Can confirm this, we were testing it on our server and the icon stops showing above people’s heads, as well as the icon indicating whether you are talking yourself or not.

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Feedback : The voip was tested on a private RP testlive server, with conversations among groups of 2 - 10 people over 4 hours. The VOIP worked 100% of that time, in combat, out of combat and with building, decor and lighting spam. So on that, great job, the quality of the voip was good, directional audio worked well.

BUG: The microphone ICON is inconsistent, the icon for when I speak on my UI disappeared forever after trying to eliminate the UI using alt-Z to test if the speaker icons disappeared under that scenario. When re-toggling my UI back on the Self-speaking icon on the UI never returned. The microphone icon was intermittent on other players. It appears that the icon is strongest when meeting a new player. After a bit of time it is only visible when standing very close to another player or no longer visible. I also noticed that once in a clan the icon disappear completely and only was visible on a non-clan member. Once they joined it disappeared for them as well. I think it is extremely important that we know who is speaking to us in a crowd so these icons should be more consistent with perhaps a setting in player options to disable them if desired.

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Thanks everyone!
We are already preparing a hotfix for the VOIP icons/indicators for this TestLive Build (and for those worried that would influence the fix for the Live build, don’t be alarmed. We have dedicated people only working on finalizing the Live patch which another group of developers is working on the bugs reported with this new TestLive build :))


Hey everybody,

We are incredibly thankful for the staggering amount of feedback you sent us. It has been incredibly useful for us and our team is looking into each of the issues you reported.

Remember to keep sharing your input with us in our forums as usual!
(Pro Tip: And if you share it following this guidelines, we will <3 you even more! How to be a pro Testlive Bug Hunter (PLEASE READ))

Thank you everybody!