Current Encountered bugs

  1. The light slave armor released with Isle of Siptah. The leg/skirt is stuck against the legs and doesn’t move freely.
  2. Wild Surge - Thralls falling from the sky stand and do nothing until agro by player.
  3. Decay rate in compost bins is extremely high. In addition, unlike Conan Exiles, the large grubs that spawn in the decay bin dissappear after a short amount of time, so that no matter how long or short the time between visiting, there will always be only zero to two grubs. No more.
  4. Enemies, both thralls and creatures teleport back to their starting location if they can no longer attack the player. Insted of running back, they dissappear and re-appear back at their spawn point.
  5. Also not sure if this is intentional but the healing rate for the T1 aloe potion is almost the same as the healing rate of the T2 aloe potion and yet the T2 takes significantly more ingredients. Including time consuming gold and silver dust… while farming that is easy on this map, the time put in isn’t worth the T2 aloe.
  6. The wild surge setting on the server is broken… whatever the max number of wild surges at any time is set at, that’s what spawns… ex… min number of wild surges set at 2 and max is set to 5… 5 will spawn no matter what.
  7. Respawn rate of enemies is also broken on server settings. Making a run to get coal killing several dogs on the way only to come back and find those same ones there within minutes of the last run through. I get they need to be adjustable, but fix the adjustable setting so that it works please.
  8. No Aloe is found at the first “Easy” starting location. Pretty sure it’s lacking at the second “Easy” starting location. As this is a journey step and necessary to heal, it seems like an accident rather than a bug. That said, there is plenty of Aloe at the two “Hard” start locations.
  9. Upon turning on Admin settings, ie, making me Admin, once I go back to the game, I am unable to sprint. I have to quit the entire game to fix this.
  10. The game is visually stunning and there is nothing wrong with my monitor, but when the Maelstrom hits and colors the sky/game, it makes many things visually hard to see. Can this be adjusted for more clarity. I don’t want to have to change gamma or adjust brightness on my monitor to fix this when it’s def. on purpose.


  1. Will the recipes/ability to learn recipes be added to the island? As it stands, cooking is non-existant due to the extreme basic level of things you can cook.
  2. Same with the diff religions… will we will be able to discover and unlock like the original exiles?

That’s it for now. Interesting game at the moment, but I truly have hopes it will be as good as Conan Exiles and not follow the PVP Battle Royale route…
Thank you for listening,

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Both are available to learn on the new map. You just need to figure out how.

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What about feat based recipes? For instance, when you finish the Dregs on original map, you can make Glowing Essence potion which lets you build Witchfire Powder and that helps for 2-3 different arrows. Yes, you can kill the glowing undead for witchfire, however there are a ton of glowing plants to be used and no usage for them.

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