Current thrall meta

New Armor for me is a novelty that a thrall uses to stay alive through countless farms. Plus its all heat insulated for the tundra, not jungle or desert area.

Id say I pack mule, but have combat capability in case sht hits the fan.

It was a fun dungeon, but after a good day of farming, you can easily get 3 or 4 full sets and weapons.

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True enough. I’m still just a bit salty that they have added two new sets designed for player use in only 1/3rd of the map.

They really need to get on a method to change the temperature resist on gear.



I enjoy the darfari look, less clothes more barbaric, but damn it if I don’t get shred up in it.

And with grr legbitter being elusive, only other option for style is epic hyperborian.

Be nice if they could add elemental resist pads, or pad converts to beef up light to heavy.

Also, I don’t own any dlcs, so those armor variations aren’t an option.

However, the legendary armor absolutely holds up as expected, just need more styles.

While acid arrows exist, there will be no thrall meta, even being nerfed, ppl will craft tons of it and just throw your time and effort to equip them in the garbage.

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If anyone needs a reason to not play on public PvP or PvE-C servers, Funcom gave them a fantastic one with the acid arrows. Unless you’re looking to experience the gaming equivalent of the cilice, play on private servers.

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Try rolling around in the trap hallway…lol. Gas going off, bombs exploding, spikes shooting up, I love it. Also that sword that drops and is 100% penetration…so much for using god armor in PVP.

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That fkin spring trap, with no climb walls…

Also, to add, what are the top tier pets?

Aesthetic I use the dire wolf and Silverback,

But since I’m adding an animal tamer canp with heh altar, figured a handful of animal can exist

Here my dood

thnx man. although I go over stats for Lion Tiger and Saber I think those are a start xD

I should make like a thread in players helping players now that I think of it. Get into the gritty work of getting actual damage and penetration stats for all animals in one place.

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True, and firespark made a tames video that showed Shalebacks winning until they met the queen. Perhaps leave the bottom feeders statless

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Great feedback team!

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purge thralls are the strongest currently with over 7700 life and more damage - basically a t5 thrall

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Not reliably to get though.

Do they come from all factions? Or just from Volcano/Relic Hunter purges?

Purge fighters from weaker factions are weaker, naturally. I just recently caught some Black Hand purge dudes, and although stronger than regular Black Hand T4’s, they’re still wimpy when compared to Relic Hunters.


1/3rd? Try like 1/6th… champs is 8 cold resist per and God’s is 10 per. With my epic flawless cold set atm each piece is 6 per and I get hot to very hot in the highlands and tundra.

If you’re wearing full god breakers I doubt you’ll be able to run around anywhere without heatstroke outside of the snow biome.

Unfortunately waiting on a purge and hoping you get a thrall is very low compared to running into the City and bonking a few Relic Hunters and taking them. Their HP is 7450 which is not very much lower than 7700, and their availability is 1000% compared to purge thralls.

3 inches makes the difference.

Or 300 hitpoints…

One of those.

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