Curtains Glitch

Curtains shouldn’t glitch through building pieces and should be cut off at the bottom when placed.

Hello @Trappist01x, we’ll register your feedback regarding how curtains behave for the developers to consider.

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If one-sided curtains do not stick out, they will not be able to hang symmetrically in a room two walls high, as in my guide :slightly_frowning_face:.


How did you rotate those curtains?

Normally, you can’t turn the curtains, I used a small trick and described it in the guide:

In short, I hung the curtains behind the wall and then removed the wall.

You must know that I support your topic, some curtains are a little too long and could wrap up after hanging or animate like a banner :triangular_flag_on_post:. I just point out that sticking out of the building sometimes comes in handy.


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