Customer Support: Response times

2019-05-31T05:00:00Z Report

Issues: What happened to the efficiency of customer service?

  1. When the wait times are dragged on for too long… especially when it comes to “Lost Items” don’t you think after 4 - 5 weeks of our unanswered petition we would actually be able to obtain that item back - this “Issue” happened whereas, I submitted a petition for an rf ring that was accidentally sold and I pressed undo and the error: You do not have the funds required to - - - - retrieve this item my petition has been out for 3 - 4 weeks and finally when a GM came to fix the problem; he then said the item could no longer be retrieved because of how “late” my ticket was submitted and if not that they simply just apologize… Sorry, we could not help you at this time because the item is no longer available.

  2. Sure you informed us about the response times but that is ridiculous I was thinking ok few days late?? but weeks that’s insane - You can honestly say that our staff has shortcomings due to a mass amount of problems without enough customer service reps to answer them in time. but that also wasn’t mentioned - we are just looking for a valid reason for the late response times ALONG with a system to be inputted whereas if it was the gm’s fault and an item couldn’t be retrieved due to customer service being late - Couldn’t you just refund the item? simply. if the person could at least prove that they did have the item in the first place if it cannot be found.

  • Should be some kind of purchase log where you can scroll through to see if the individual really did purchase that item so you won’t get the same complaint over again for free items & scammers.
  1. There are general moderator visits which I think by now you should notice that 100% of the time makes no sense at all unless you have nothing else to do, whether it is Crom or Fury you will not have any effective questions being asked - the complaints have been the same from the beginning; Visiting servers and asking how we’re doing. How do you think we feel after all these issues persist and no changes are being made.



Like I said in an earlier post. If you want funcom to do anything you have to complain loudly and I mean LOUDLY. I got my petition answered the next day after I put @funcom on Twitter blast. Let them know how you really feel.

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Really?? But that’s not how your supposed to properly reach out to customer service… If I were to be completely honest why do we have to contact you on everything possible to get you to respond sooner?? Twitter, Funcom support, in game petition, directly contacting head of support and also In game petitions. Sure they have allot of ways to get their attentions but to be an annoying ■■■■ just to get them to respond when it’s what they have to do. I mean the community is not that large at all what it used to be in age of conan imagine if it were to increase…


I opened at least a dozen CS response time threads to make ppl aware. Do you know what happens afterwards? NOTHING. They go back to plying the game like nothing ever happen and pray not to have other issues to contact support. I would say whatever it’s left of this community to make a stand for what’s most important CUSTOMER SUPPORT, not pvp/pve, new content… but again ppl care only if they are involved directly

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It’s not that all forget about the time it takes and don’t care, but many have learned that it’s about as useful to try to make funcom change as it is to poop in a fan.


Listen dude. Funcom doesn’t care about this game anymore. If you don’t complain loudly enough they won’t bother. Do whatever you like. See what being civil in this world really gets you.


I tried spread but I still got no response I sent tweets to andy B, Funcom, Age of conan twitter pages and nothing!! So I don’t know what to do anymore to be honest.

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And if this pursues MY rf rings will be gone, Because I accidentally sold them mistaken it for another ring and it wouldn’t let me undo - So It’s been 3+ weeks and A gm hasn’t come to me with anything plus It’s 2 weeks for a lost item so they can retrieve it; When they get to me it’ll be gone and they’ll say there is nothing they can do about it.

Just make sure you give them a really negative review on steam and everywhere else.

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Sent him a direct message - said he viewed it but hasn’t responded at all {Gm Andy}