DA achievement "The Resurrection Protocol"

in order to get credit for “active dodge at least once per static cling,” is there any module besides static cling required to get credit for this? On two separate occasions, I have done just that and no credit each time (on highest difficulty and didn’t die).

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There are two modules needed: Static, and Static Cling. If the second one isn’t active, it won’t award the achievement. And to be clear, you need to dodge one each and every time Static is applied.


And just to reiterate that, cleansing Static Cling will break the achievement. Even if it’s a passive cleanse (hoop gadget, for example).

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I definitely saw the “static cling” module. I don’t remember specifically seeing static module, but i assume static module is required in order to have the static cling module?

If I first dodge the static cling, and then cleanse the static cling, will that break the achievement as well?

Static is indeed a requirement for Static Cling to show up. Cleansing Static Cling after you dodge shouldn’t break the achievement.

Hey @NeuroPsych, I had the exact same problem until someone told me not to cleanse at all. I didn’t, I got the credit. Cleansing static after dodge will break the achievement. It did for me the 10’s of times I did it.