Player Achievement Compilation

Because some of you are awesome. And because some of us occasionally pull off something awesome.

Remember when you did that thing and thought ‘should be an achievement for that’?

Post it here as a challenge to fellow players and devs alike. Who knows, genuine awesome achieves may even become legit.

Here are some examples to start.

  • Recover to full health after ending a fight on 1 HP.

  • Defeat five different species of monster without breaking combat.

  • Kill seven enemies in one blow.

  • Kill an enemy while you are airborne/in free fall,
    and/or kill an airborne/free falling enemy whilst you are also airborne/free falling.

  • Travel from the New Colony Span Bridge to Pyramid Point by sea.

  • Rescue a random player just before they are slain.

  • Run past your group members on the stair of the final Ankh encounter.

  • Swim the distance from Skull Island to Azaban Span.

  • Begin and finish a fight whilst under 10% health without any healing.


My one accomplishment in this vein was in TSW. I had a character who could kill small enemies (think the zombies in Kingsmouth) without attacking them.

It all came down to the combination of one active and one passive power.

The active power, Martial Discipline, increased the chances an enemy would glance me by 50%.

The passive power, which I can’t remember, made any enemy who glanced me take 200 damage.

So, I’d go to Kingsmouth, jump on a car, turn on Martial Discipline once the zombies (who had fewer than 200 hp) started to swarm me, let them attack me (inevitably landing glancing blows)…

…and watch them all drop dead while I didn’t lift a finger. It was such a little thing, but it delighted me.


Done some heart pumping crazy saves with flicker but i think the most epic one was against Eblis.

Everyone but me and another dps died right at the end. And i dodged and flickered around the circles of death, in an attempt to stear clear of Eblis long enough for my co dps to murder him in peace.

Get every weapon in the game to expertise level 50 because it’s the one easily measurable thing the devs forgot to include an achievement for.

Also, quite accidentally, solo finish the unbound ak’ab boss in Darkness War E1 on my fist/blood dps alt, partly because he decided to dash a lot rather than outright attack (so punching him while just staying out the lane was an option) and partly because apparently bringing Sanguine Coalescence as dps isn’t quite as stupid as one might think (as finally taking a swipe at me exploded in his face).

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Ending on 1 hp is for underachievers… true wizards can get to 0 hp and not die. Even in a game that doesn’t have Pain Suppression.



Being killed by mummies in The Dusty Dark & then being unable to pick up the torch. Then, spending an hour wandering in absolute darkness trying to find the entrance to the next zone. (I had killed 99 scarabs & exiting the zone would have reset the achievement.)

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Killing DW Boss 5 in a way that he dies on top of the rocks.

Best thing you can pull of in dungeons…

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I figure there should be an achievement for Scenarios 10/10 survivors.

And as a prolific dimension jumper in TSW i’d love to see something like ‘transition your character through four different instances in a row beyond their original/home/starting location.’

  • Trade a bouquet of Albino Sunflowers to another player.

  • Find and drink a glass of True Oblivion from the London Crusades club.

I think the first one is commonly referred to as E10 scenarios.


We do still get a note on our Museum plaque about Platinum Nightmare scenarios for finishing E5!

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There are the ‘In the Dark’ achievements, but I really just meant keeping 10/10 people alive, which could be done first time on e1.
The ‘Shutting Down World Simulation’ is completing 100 e10 scenarios, so perhaps ‘keep 10/10 survivors alive in 100 scenarios’ (edit: in a row) would be more of a challenge.

The Musem Display chronicling a player’s greatest deeds and kill count trophy board is nice. I often forget that it’s even available.

  • Perform 5 different emotes whilst in a Raid group using the Albion Theatre stage.

  • Reduce the health of all five Anima-sims to 1hp at the same time.

If a single survivor dies in E10 you fail immediately is what he means. You don’t get loot unless all 10 are alive.

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Perhaps granting 10/10 survivor achievement on earlier scenarios would lessen the accomplishment of an e10 victory.

  • Whilst in anima form, travel from one anima well and resurrect at another.
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Done that, DoTs power ! was fun :slight_smile:

Kill a scenario miniboss — or whatever those big “hostile mutator subroutine activated” mobs are called — by knocking them back into the AoE of a saboteur’s bomb.

This is reminding me of a cheevo back in COD4 to frag another player by shooting a claymore mine through a wall.

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Stick the landing on top of the pillar between bosses 3 and 4 (the triplets and the spider) in Ankh.

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  1. Kill an enemy without any weapons equipped;
    …would be very close to your suggestion both in terms of reflects and using the environment to affect mobs.
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Gadgets. Easy.


  • Queue for 2 consecutive hours on the Activity Finder.

  • Queue for 5 consecutive hours on the Activity Finder.

  • Queue for 10 consecutive hours on the Activity Finder.


Trigger all 11 Bear Traps whilst in pursuit of the Sanguine Wendigo during ‘Rolls Downhill’ without stopping or getting caught.