"I'm in a tree!" achievement

Didn’t know where else to post this so here it goes. For those looking for the achievement, I found the tree. Spoilers:


In the new scenario at approximately 235, 297. You need to buff that looks like a boot. This greatly increases you’re jump height. I got lucky and the buff popped just before the boss on a wave 1.


Doesn’t seem to work for me, which wave were you doing when you did this achievement, and was it during the timer or after the scenario ended?

I got it during one of the waves. I noticed at first it wouldn’t pop, so I ran up the branch higher and that triggered the achievement.

I imagine it will work at any time, you just need to get high enough.

This is a really good troll by the way if it’s not how you gets it. (Pictures players jumping up on trees while there hagstones getting wrecked)

Got it now, thanks for the tip guys! :slight_smile:

lol, that would be a pretty good one. But I can confirm that tree and branch worked for me, though not at that height on the branch. It triggered when I was further up.

I think it has some kind of timer. Probably to make sure you’re in the tree long enough to trigger the achievement instead of getting up there and back down too quickly, like I did repeatedly on one of my alts during some waves.

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I haven’t been able to jump onto the branch. Either I jump too soon and bounce off the trunk, or I leap OVER the branch.

No one really tell to try jump while boss is still here? I got that buff twice so far still floating there after bosses, it gave me, like, 3 tries each to jump, but… is there so particular place to jump from, particular branch? Hint, please?

Hi, same failure, bounce off trunk or through branches. Have tried 5 times now. The buff duration is very short and even with sprint max I seem to get about two or three jump attempts before it drops.
Does the buff only drop once per scenario run cause I have not seen it more than once per scenario entry?

Confirmed by the way and no theirs no trick to it. I tried many times too, just a bit of luck. try jumping early (ie not up against the tree) you get about 3-4 jumps for a buff

I ended up out on a branch when I got it. In previous attempts I had been trying straight up the trunk. While I can’t say for certain I jumped slightly from the side the time I succeeded, it might be worth a try.

Buff drops more than once per scen.

I can get into the tree about 1 out of 4 tries, by running at an angle and jumping to the point where the lowest branch comes out of the trunk. Basically, I hit the trunk, which stops me flying over, and my feet drop to the branch.

The problem with that is, landing on that lowest branch doesn’t give the achievement. Nor does walking out the length of the branch (until you fall off). I’ve turned around on that branch and jumped back towards the center of the tree. Most times I bounce off and fall, or land on the lowest branch again. Once I ended up in the middle of the tree and got the achievement.

I’m pretty sure the achievement just requires you to stay off the ground for a certain amount of time and doesn’t actually care which part of the tree you’re on - I was in the tree for a good few seconds before I got it but I didn’t have to move anywhere.