Dance Dance Execution Achievement

I’m trying to get the achievement, but I often end up with Intoxication tier 7 before entering the circle in front of Pachinko Parlour. I saw some videos of people doing it, and they always are within tier 6 of the debuff. There is a huge difference in movement speed between the two tiers.

Is it possible to get the achievement in tier 7 or it’s a bug?

From my experience with it, it’s 50/50 if you get 6/7…6 makes it easy since you can move way faster, 7 is still possible.

I want to believe, but I did four more tries and it doesn’t seems to be possible.

When they start to hit with aoe, while the only safe spot is north, near the door, there isn’t enough time to escape while walking to the right on tier 7 of intoxication. The aoe hits me first, even if I stay on the edge of the previous aoe.

Finally did it. Intoxicated Tier 7 in that location seems to be a bug that prevents you from getting the achievement. You can active dodge to escape that part I mentioned, but it’s CD won’t reset before having to dodge another part when there is no time to get out of the aoe by just walking.

And being on tier 6 or 7 there doesn’t appears to be chance related. Did some tests and, whenever I just sprinted (tier IV) before getting tier 1 of intoxication and walked the rest, I ended up with tier 7 near Pachinko. Whenever I sprinted and active dodged (+ quickness from signet) on my way to there, I ended up with tier 6.