Dance lore according to Robert.E.Howard

Hi all, so I finally got me lazy ■■■■ down and actually watched the dances, actually one dance so far but I noticed straight away that it actually doesn’t concur with Robert.E.Howard’s Hyborian world.
For Starters according to Robert.E.Howard the Hyborian world takes place some time around Pangea and the cataclysm that lead to how the world looks today. or something like that.
Either way Cimerians (which is the dance I’m tad hang up on atm), are the Ancestors of what is supposedly modern day Scots and Irish.
Now to the point, the Cimerian dance doesn’t represent the area or the culture, the dance it self represents more what is know as modern Russian or the step nomad people like the ancient Huns and Mongols.
Which bothers me a bit though but not that much, it is tad entertaining watching the dance, and will continue doing so when I discover more dances.

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Well the dance the Russians dance must come from somewhere. I mean who knew what the popular dances would be in the Conanverse. Maybe they have been doing this since pangea was given a name.

Ya never know.

For all we know they couls have been dancing with glowsticks made with glowing goop and freestyling like mad women and men at an early 90s rave.

While I agree that culture plays a role in dance considdering each is vastly different.

I would love to see racial dances that come with the races at the beginning of the game. It would be the only identifier really for race as otherwise no one would know.

I’m Vendhyan and proud. So I could use a little Bollywood Style.


Running Man.

We need the running man dance. No game is complete without it.

We will just call it Pictish and relax. No one knows what the picts do in their jungle other than possibly eat people.

Isn’t the “War Dance” the one assigned for picts?

You’ll love the snake dance, also referred to as the “put money in my g-string” dance.

Ok first mistake the Hyborian age does NOT take place in the time of Pangaea at all. We are talking tens of millions of years difference here. Hyboria is pre-ice age but FFS Pangaea broke up before the Cretaceous.

I just got that one yesterday, deep in Darfari terrortory. Does anyone know whether that is a proper haka?

You mean pūkana?

Didn’t know that word! Cool!

No I was meaning does the dance itself properly carry off a reasonable facsimile of a Haka?

If you haven’t seen it, its pretty close. CE’s version is base but I am positive they modeled it after the Maori war dance. Just no tongues…lol

There’s plenty in the movies and in this game that doesn’t concur with R.E.H.'s timeline and lore. For some reason folks think they need to add stuff and take creative license when Robert provided plenty of source material. I’ve read all his books and can make an extensive list of ideas that could have gone into the game. Such a waste.
One thing that got my britches in a twist was Yamatai. It doesn’t even show up in history until c. 300 BC - 300 AD. That’s a major discrepancy and detracts from the immersion of the game for me. I know most people don’t care, I’m just a R.E.H. purist. Get it right or don’t do it, I always say.

WOAH! chill love, take a deep breath and scroll up and read the post again pls. because apparently you didn’t read it properly.

I know right? got it earlier today, I like it. :grinning:

yeah I know, I was merely referring to the notes and journals that where left behind and Sprague (I think that’s how you spell his name), made something out of all the scraps after R.E.H passed, in one of those I remember reading , he explained how R.E.H had a theory around the Hyborian age. what I do know for sure is that after Pangea (the first cataclysm) human civilizations flowered and created some wonders, the Atlanteans where one of this civilizations as well as the Amazones. summa summarum is that after the cataclysm that brought down that era and all the civiliztions surrounding that era (don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of years after, but according to Spragues interpretation of R.E.H notes and theories), the Hyborian age started, where as Conan is decendant of the last Atlantean King Krull. well not gonna go into all that, tis been a while I read all that but still, and besides this thread was about the dances :grinning:

Conan, a Cimmerian, is a decedent of the Atlantian people who had settled in Valusia, where yes at one point KULL (not Krull) was a King. There is no evidence that Conan was a decedent of Kull himself however.

Also, Kull lived during the Thurian Age which again is 10’s of millions of years after Pangea split up (which you know, was back when non-avian dinosaurs still existed). At the time of the great cataclysm which sank Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu you also had the pictish islands raise up out of the sea to form the mountain peaks of a new continent (North America and based on location these would form the Appalachian Mountains). Being that the picts were allied with Valusia also had settlements in that nation and their decedents were the picts of the Hyborian age.

As for the time period of the Cataclysm which separates the Thurian and Hyborian ages here is a good quote. “The boundary between the two ages is marked by the “Great Cataclysm,” which might have taken place as early as ca. 35,000 to 40,000 B.C, or as recently as 18,000 B.C. depending on the sources considered.”

Pangaea on the other hand “assembled from earlier continental units approximately 335 million years ago, and it began to break apart about 175 million years ago”.

Your knowledge of Conan lore is amazing. :two_hearts:

Didn’t noticed that. Now I must found what armour I must dye in black so next time I dance the Wardance I can wear a proper All Black jersey singing “Kamate, Kamate…”.:rofl:

At the risk of being nicknamed the Muss, that’s another new one for me. Never knew these Hakas/dances were composed by chieftains. In that respect they are similar to the chants and dances of my heritage, indigenous to North America. Very interesting.

Yes it is.

I was saying that there’s a lot of things in the game that have nothing to do with Robert E. Howard’s books, the dances are included in that. What you see in game has been concocted by Funcom. I have all his (R.E.H.'s) original stories and I don’t remember him ever going into any kind of detail over any culture’s dance routines other than Zogar Sag dancing around in a flurry of feathers and beads in Beyond the Black River when Balthus was strapped to a stake.
I do find it fascinating that your interest in the dances in the game prompted you to start a forum thread. That’s great that the game is clearly having an impact on you.
In the event that my memory is failing me, perhaps you could share where in the books did you read about the Cimmerian dance. Or are you comparing the dance in the game with an actual dance from history which, again, there’s no mention of in Howard’s books?
If you’re comparing it to actual historic cultures, Howard himself said (and I’m paraphrasing) that his writings are not a substitute for or a theory on actual history and it’s to be taken for what it is, fiction.

No where tbh, it just popped up in my head thinking of just what I’ve read about the ascendancy of modern cultures and the few Notes that Sprague shared with the world about R.E.H theories of the creation. that’s all I’m not so into the lore, history and so on, Oduda here above seem to be R.E.H brain so she/he may be able to answer all your questions exactly how it all should be, I’m just a gamer who only read all novels once and I have them all in my collection, but unfortunately never got into study the things that Sprague shared after R.E.H death.