Dancer's don't fight

So I tried swapping out the weapons to dagger or other 2 handed weapons and still had the same issue. We’ll head to the Unnamed City and he will attack and aggro just fine, then all of a sudden he needs to dance. Just dance. Sometimes will raise fists but won’t attack or draw aggro.

I always take Lianeele with me into the Unnamed City and prefer to equip her with a two-handed hammer which is not her weapon of choice. She usually bugs out and stops fighting if I go anywhere near the green dragon, so I don’t go there with her. Sometimes she will bug out in other spots too, but not often.

I was able to fix her once by taking away all of her weapons and make her engage the enemy with her fists. After letting her punch the enemy, I give the hammer back and she equipped it and fought like normal again. I am not sure if this fix always works as I have not had her bug out again since.

Removing weapons, and giving them back, in inventory, sometimes directly in theyr hand can be a workaround for some thralls, and may work, still not in all occasions.
So it’s bit a i hope you’ll get fixed thing.

That’s why i mostly only take fighters with me, 2h ones, equiped well.
I know most want that the dancer removes the corruption in the same time, but i think it’s work way better in a group, when just one player take a dancer with him.

Sure, if they come with dagger, dancers will mostly use them.

The problem with daggers is that they do backflipp, and some do backflipp lot, some do only that.
It looks great, it’s fancy, but not still very effectlive in hard fights.
Especially in a boss fight you want a responsive thrall, maybe one taking the aggro going on most time.

Testing before the final combat is still the best. One dancer may act fine, an other may not. Some dancers do very fine with 2h swords.

For the unnamed city, in current build, the best are captains from Seper, and of course equiped with Crom and the best heavy armour you can afford for them.

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