Dancers needs more work

I think dancer thralls needs a rework as Dancers clear corruption very quickly regardless of tier. Also, I would like to learn more recipes for dancer clothing if thats possible.


…and the option to dictate the dance they perform…
all my female dancers insist on a dance that I am pretty sure is norwegian “hallingkast” or just “halling”… and that is about as feminine as a rock…

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What I would like to see is the option for getting a group of dancers to perform dances as a single animation, like the entire group performs a Haka for example. It doesn’t have to actually be a Haka but the that idea of an entire group moving and chanting together.

Because A getting a half a dozen dancers in the same place doing a dance does look cool but putting them all next to a shrine and get them all to work in sync like you typically see the Haka done would look like they are actually trying to help the priest, and B if anything is going to clear out corruption of the soul a group of sweaty exiles screaming at you definately will do it.

Maybe having the dancers in range of either a shrine or one of the named dancers causes them to do whatever the preset for the shrine is or the dance being done by the named npc.

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They should have an option to set them passive :thinking:

Everytime, i have a fight outside or in my base… my dancers running around like chickens and want fight… somethimes it takes hours to bring them back to their places :roll_eyes:


I think the dances they know should be determined by their race or ethnicity. Such as Stygian dancers knowing the snake dance, Khitans knowing the Khitan dance, etc. Perhaps also have the option to teach dancers any dance that you have learned yourself.

I find it strange that relic hunter dancers know the snake dance and then magically forget after you enthrall them. Perhaps it’s trauma-induced amnesia from the bludgeoning.

Mine typically do that but I can sometimes get them to perform the Khitan dance by telling them to follow me for a second. Those are the only two any enthralled dancers seem to know even though there’s about seven different dances in the game.


Yes. We need to be able to set the dance. Also, we need more dances, like “Twerk”.

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There’s websites for that… :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking about this today too. My idea was to tie it in to the player’s actions to keep it interesting. Make it so you can ‘teach’ and then ‘dictate’ which dance to use, based on the ones YOU have unlocked or learned. This would give a ‘reason’ for those dance emotes to exist (other than just rp.)