Dang now it's my turn

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]

[So my heart was broken today. My cave of mysteries I’d been building and inhabiting since March has disappeared. I’ve scoffed at these posts for months and now I have been bitten by the randomly disappearing bug of oblivion. I log on every weekend to reset my decay timer on three bases, and today I found my main cave base just up and disappeared. Don’t know why or how it happened, my other two bases are fine, and there are a bunch of items that are sitting out in the open, their decay timers must have reset when I visited last Sunday, but the bulk of my base is just gone. It was one huge connected piece so it’s odd that some pieces are fine while my (max decay timer) base rotted away.

Shadows and dust.
Maybe I’ll go try Rust.

PS not cool “Conan Exiles”, not cool.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log on
2.Visit Muh Desert Cave
3.Cry Inside
4.Don’t buy DLC like I was planning to

Check out some other threads. They shut down some cave areas were people where under meshing

This happened to me last week. Post location along with screenshots of your event logs when it happened if you can it will help support.

That’s unfortunate, it was a beautiful location. I actually was starting to wonder if maybe server upload time wasn’t/isn’t to blame; my visit last week was pretty quick (talked to my demon-skull-stick, grabbed food, and headed through the maproom.) My ping is pretty good, but I have noticed quite a few instances of the server not saving right away and losing data.

Sure, I can do that later - I was in the cave next to the Sinkhole. …that reminds me, my cave of mysteries does live on in a construction video from earlier in the year. Version 1.3 to what was a 2.7, but hey…

Hello @sway999, welcome to the forums!

Did you have any messages in the Event Log stating building decay or stability loss?

Thats interesting the base I had lost stability next to the sinkhole as well.

I bet the devs did some work under the sink hole and didnt tell anyone about it.

I have pretty much played every day for longer than I can recall. If you only log on once every week you will be assured to receive decay issues.

these are not decay issues that are happening. Error logs state buildings are losing stability.

I can only speak for my issue I had foundations and a map room on flat land that lost stability after being there for 8+months. Foundations on the ground have no way of losing stability unless devs are messing with the land… which they have been

I was addressing the OP’s stated actions of “logging on every weekend,” which is not enough. After all my experience, you need to at least drop in 2 times a week. :smiley:

Please believe me that if you and I were in a session together I could easily demonstrate how a foundation can become detached from the original landclaim by simply building the wrong way.

Pretend you built a round tower, four rings in total. What if you started from the outer rim instead of the center, and placed key pieces in areas of regular instability? At server reboot, you might lose enough to take away an entire map. I can see that. But you can’t blame the devs for trying to repair reported issues. My hope is they will offer free Halloween meteors in compensation for our lost items.

Max decay gives you nearly two weeks to hit your base, and my bases are all legolands - one large snapped together piece. There are no separate pieces on a separate timer (save for a retaining wall I hop over to get in my base, but it wasn’t foundational.) Short of some bug or failure of the server to upload, there is no reason I’d have to visit twice a week. I’m wondering if I went from region to region too quickly and the server just failed to update - so it looks like I went from region 1 to 3, instead of 1 to 2 to 3.

I have so many logs. Loss of stability happened on different items at different times - most occurred Sat(10/12) before midnight and then some happened after server restart about five hours later. I was last at this base Sunday or Monday last week.

If we were in the same location, maybe the devs did do something? In which case, super duper not cool.

Official building decay is 168 hours. Thrall decay is almost two weeks, that’s where you might be mis-speaking. And during summer holiday, building decay was 336 hours.

It can often occur that a too-short visit will refresh too little in your base. The twice weekly thing is a little joke, because I play all the time. I would not leave decay to any less frequent than 3x per week, simply because it ensures you cover your lands correctly. :nerd_face:

168 plus the abandoned timer. Besides, it wasn’t a complete week between the most recent visit and the last.

It’s almost a matter of honor on PvP if you let your buildings get below 32 hours the buzzards begin circling. Present server excluded. We may just be divided over semantics.

I’m not on PVP, I’m (was) on an official Merry Homebuilders Server.

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I totally understand what your saying but your reaching really far out of the way to make an excuse for something that is starting to sound like a dev did a “My Bad” moment… or maybe it was done purposely because of under meshing either way they arent talking about it. Its pretty aggravating when you get on the game and your base is gone not because of your fault or someones raiding but because the games mechanics fundamentally failed doing what its suppose to do. It only happened to a alt base of mine but If this happened to my main base I wouldn’t be on these forums right now.

I feel bad for all those that built main bases in the shattered Basin and without notice got wiped.

Again in my case its a 10x10 flat foundation that was there from the beginning of time “I exaggerate”.

I snap eveything and I mean EVERYTHING so its on the same timer.

I hear ya. Keep feeding back, and provide video or screengrabs if possible. I think we might be coming at it from different angles, so maybe we can find common ground with the data.

Yea, I dunno, it was a bummer, but then I did always plan on assembling my keystone (had all the bits in my vault) and leaving those god forsaken lands… …but now I can’t even watch the cinematic for myself.

Canon is that I created a magick clone and left her naked in the desert before flying up and over the cursewall with Conando in tow as my temporary personal manservant (it’s a mutual exchange, I didn’t want to thrall him.) We are now currently cleaving a bloody trail to Thoth Amon… … …

Wanted to get the Derketo pack, but now I’m weighing restarting on a new server (possibly pvp) or deleting the game altogether. Now that I know that someone in the same location lost their base, I’m a little more annoyed at the possibilities.

Shadows and Dust