Daughter of Ymir (Frost giant horn)

Since the Age of War Update i never seen the Daughter of Ymir Spawn, i dont know it its a bug or she was removed or anything like that but she is never there, the Wiki says she should have a 10% chance to spawn, my friends and me were running new asgard around 50~ times and she never was there, not once so iam clueless is that a bug or was she removed or what shall i do
We need the Frost Giant Horns :pensive:
Anybody else had the same experience since Age of War or is it just our Server?

It’s just range long ago I did well over 300 runs of black galleon and never during that found a single craftsmen t4 thrall’s so it was no bug just really poor luck and of course that streak broke with the greatest thrall ever a ……… cook :sob: of all things

RNGesus simple is not with you. Just keep at it and yull fine her eventually.

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Hi ObristHeynrich,

Because of your request, I just looked at the known spawn point of Ladagara the daughter of Ymir and checked it with instant respawn timer to see if she was still there. After about 15 tries, I had her.
So it was pure RNG that she hasn’t spawned for you yet. But now you can be sure that she is there.

Greetings and good luck hunting her


Unlucky us. Thanks for response.

Haven’t bothered with New Asgarth much recently, but before the next chapter changes all the purges, you may have a chance!

I recall building a base at the very west of D9, and Oh My Crom, the purge had like 6 or 7 Ladagara including 3 or 4 simultaneously!! (Don’t know if that was a bug lol, but I did get a lot of Frost Giant Bodyguards from this… Nice decorations :slight_smile:)

Keep hunting Asgarth, but no harm in making a small additional base in case the purge triggers and you get more than one horn!

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Yeah, she can be a part of Purge Type: An army of nordheimers - Official Conan Exiles Wiki , but not in these quantities. So i guess it was a bug.


I mean, the whole purge is a bug currently :harold:

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Craftsmen spawn alot around the map but unfortunately she only spawns there so i dont have the opportunity to look at many places … its exausting, oh and for your craftsmen i always get mine from the sinners refuge as there is almost always a guaranteed t4 from Asura :grin:

I want an army of Fronst Giants… the game should add RNG Jesus as religion and if u pray u get better luck with spawns and stuff

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Thank you very much for the Information, also i really appreciate your services at my tortures bench


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Recently had a base in the north of Siptah and was often purged by the Nordheimer army. There might not have been Ladagara, there might have been 1, 2 or 3. There weren’t more than three.

This was long ago before chosen of asura was in for I still remember skeletons with shields and world was more aggressive and heck not even the aquilian (I spelled that wrong I’m sure) was even out good times those were and yet almost all my death were from dodge wrong directions off of cliff and all these years later it’s still me going off cliff to death

I was in New Asagarth doing the rounds for a hour or so on PC server 1822. I was trying to find the treasure chest that never spawned.
During that time she spawned 3 times. All at the same area.
I also had a few “Champions” spawn. That was new.
I finally gave up on the Chest…

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