Day 05 completes exactly 3 months in nothing new in the game

We know you’re working on the new DLC, the new map, and I hope you’re working really, really hard and give us something really amazing, I’ll be completely devastated if Conan’s first DLC map wasn’t as amazing as it always was. ARK, I’m playing Genesis by the way.

But it cannot fail to point out that as I always say, funcom needs to hold its audience, stay in this win and lose audience is not healthy, the game has a 6-day decay of baeses, you NEED to keep people playing, and they cannot give yourself the luxury of going 3 months without launching anything new, however simple it may be.

It’s very boring and repetitive for us, there are only 3 dungeons that are really worth it, we’ve all played these dungeons more than 100 times, Conan is a game with an incredible “base” but a complete lack of things to do especially after 3 years playing, and WE WANT TO PLAY, we still insist!

Well I didn’t want to let the date go unnoticed, once again I REPEAT, funcom needs to have someone controlling the gameplay, it’s a game with service, you need to keep us playing, someone would need to be pressuring the team and asking, "3 months , I need to keep my players playing and not abandoning the game again “, sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a clear” planning "and this is bad for the health of the game in the long run, it will not be every day that horses will appear to bring players back, and in fact what held neither the horses, people came for the horses, but what held more was the “slave levels”, all horse mechanics were completely wrong, from the way of guiding the keyboard to the fact of horse to be a warrior and not a “horse”.

This is not a message of hatred, it is a message from someone who loves the game and yet loving the game more can feel it all.


Another thing is INNOVATIVE, look at the competition, take everything you have from “popular” and use it in your game, Conan gets very plastered, looks at WildCard does a lot of crazy things, and creates a crazy reason to explain that and everyone loves it, to the point that Genesis is a “simulation” and anything crazy can happen there, and that’s incredible.

People like to fly, I don’t have flying dinosaurs, but I have peace, I can have eagles, I have dragons, dragons are super popular, you need to apply POPULAR mechanics in conan.

The game ends up lagging far behind others in that sense, it remains to give the public what they ‘want’, not to their specific audience, but to the general public, new people who can look at it and speak, this game did not interest me, now I’m interested, that’s what happened with the horses, but of course on a lesser scale since the horse was something that everyone already thought it should have because it was something so basic, people want to fly, magic, dragons, taming dragons, flying dragons … Conan is “alternative” but more focused on something not very “popular” that I love but that is not popular.

It has already been said that the "traditional 'map was not made for this, I do not believe that in the new MAP you will not work on this, study existing games, absolve what the public makes it clear to like and implant this in your game, your shape, with the face of your world.

This… this is wrong on every level. If you are board of the game then that is your problem. Your lack of imagination. Your deficient attention span. We don’t need constant updates and pushing them to keep cranking out update is why they keep cranking them out before they are ready and breaking the game.

We have more then enough content to keep the game interesting for years to come. Let them work at their own pace.

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One little issue with this, the dragons in Conan do not fly, and Funcom have been as faithful to the lore as possible, whereas ARK doesn’t have a pre-established lore to adhere to, so the developers obviously have much more creative freedom, and can pretty much make stuff up on the fly.

Also, your wording makes it sound as if large gaps between major content patches is a rarity, I can name several games from far larger studios than Funcom that have significant gaps between new content, one example being Final Fantasy XIV, there are regular 2-3 month gaps between major updates with smaller patches in-between mostly being hotfixes, tweaks and very minor additions.

Lastly, trying to appeal to a larger market than the initially intended audience can backfire horribly, other developers have attempted this only to have that happen to them. A good example of this is DmC: Devil may Cry, Capcom had Ninja Theory develop this title in an attempt to make Devil May Cry appeal more to western audiences. It ended up selling very poorly, to the point where every platform’s version of DmC: Devil may Cry: Definitive Edition was outsold purely by the PS4 version of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.

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I’m failing to understand what you are trying to say exactly? Other than your wants for flying mounts, which is unlikely to happen.

It sounds like you want them to work on updating the game. Which they are doing, and hasn’t changed…

Also, the last update was January 30th, your math is a bit off.


Yes I was CLEAR, who I know are working on the new DLC, but they can’t leave the base game without news, when you talk about games with bigger gaps, there are games that NEVER updated, yes, but these games don’t have a base decay 6 days, they don’t NEED to have the players playing, they can release an update in 3 years, Conan does not, Conan is a game where if you don’t play for 6 days you lose EVERYTHING, that’s the big difference.

When you set out to “oblige”, and I’m not saying that they are wrong with the decay of the bases, but when you set out to make it mandatory for you to play the constant game you have an IMMEDIATELY GREATER obligation to give content to these players.

As for looking for the “oriental” market, I never thought about it, I speak of world “popular culture”, common sense that the mudial public identifies itself, new experiences that innovate the game, and not a little more of the same, the horse was a new “experience” in the game, even if it was a very “primary and basic” experience, it was a new experience and what caught the attention, a new gameplay.

When you say that the public cannot “can or should” charge for news you are completely wrong, I bought the 9 DLCs of the game, and I will buy the next ones, I feel the total tranquility of charging the game, I as a sponsor and encourager of the game, I want to encourage, bonus and also charge.

What you said about being “faithful” is not something “cool”, faithful to what ?, faithful to whom? the game must be faithful to the game, to be good, to be incredible, and nothing more than that, that’s when you say that “A OR B” doesn’t respect and that’s why you do what you want, it has to be like this , people play Conan because they like Conan the GAME and not the story of Conan … there are always 1% of course who observe this, but 99% want to play the game and don’t care about Conan’s story, of course, as I said everything needs to be ADAPTED to your world, a game takes new and different mechanics and adapts that world and gives a new “sense” here, or create an excuse for it to exist, like “TELEPORTE AND MAPS” or do you think the Conan were always teleporting around the map - to say that Dragons cannot fly because they are faithful is to say that it will be removing the maps, the elevators … everything that is part of the GAME and not of canonical history, everything that is canonical it is boring, it is plastered and not popular, a game must have POPULAR appeal and not a history lesson.

Sorry if I looked a little “aggressive” was not the intention, but that is the reality of the facts, I repeat I LOVE the game, it is my favorite game and I am ready to give my opinion and hope that it makes a difference.

This proves that you know nothing of the game I used as an example, with Final Fantasy XIV you DO need to log in periodically if you own any sort of housing, otherwise you lose it, which is the same as losing a base in Conan, only instead of just materials lost, it can be months worth of money and materials lost. Also, you don’t lose everything with the decay timer, as that would imply inventory items and even your character, which doesn’t happen.

You can’t speak for every player out there, so those numbers are completely made up. Also, that is how licensed products work, you have to be faithful to the pre-established work you are given the license for, what you propose is akin to making a game bearing the name of a licensed work, and then the game having absolutely nothing to do with the licensed work in question, which no IP holder would ever approve of.

What you stated were opinions, not facts, yes, the game could do with a bit more depth, but not at the expense of potentially alienating the pre-existing fanbase, drawing in more players is pointless if you push away those who have been around since day 1 or even early access, long term customers are always more valuable than short term ones.

beautiful words do not change realities, at the end of the day it is not the beautiful words that change things, they are actions.

I never really played Final Fantasy, nor did I ever want to be attracted to the game, but the fact that I didn’t play that game doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t make my opinion inferior or weaker.

At all times I made the opinion issue clear, and I YES play the game since literally the 1st day of early release, I have already reported this with 3,000 hours played, I speak properly, I speak as a 3-year-old player, I speak as someone who always made a point of supporting and encouraging the game, playing and buying, even when I was not attracted to the product sold, I already said that the game’s DLCs were not great additions to the game, I already made it clear that I bought DLCs as support and not like “I want this”, I always bought it by saying “I want you to keep working”, that’s when I really got excited AND DEFENDED HERE IN MANY FORUMS, finally a DLC that I would really feel buying something that would benefit me, something that would enhance my game, for sure the new DLC will sell well and provide funcom to work “more”, if really the work offered is valid from our purchase, that will only tell time.

As I always said, wanting to censor thoughts, censor desires, caesar points of view is the most toxic attitude of a player, you think that A OR B should not add newness in a game … it is your vision, make a forum saying "NO I WANT NEWS I WANT EQUAL FINAL FANTASY “, I will respect your opinion, now you want to” fill players who want news is a bit surreal.


In terms of dragon yes. As a whole they have made a few mistakes.

I agree we need more. I’ve been playing for 2 years about 3-6 hours a day. I’m bored. In the last few weeks I login reset base and logout. All these other games get constant updates and new items or live events. When you watch funcom live streams they act as if it’s extremely hard because of how this game was built in the beginning. Well I say let’s build a Conan 2 game and build it correctly. Maybe that’s what this new expansion will be…It would be nice to see some kind of battle Royale, or online arena battles, or live public events that’s drop rare items. Finally, I feel that Funcom is headed in the right direction with sending last few update to testlive. I am looking forward to the new Dune open world game that funcom is working on. They said they took everything they learned from Conan and putting it into this game.

There is nothing wrong with new content. The problem is with content coming out before it has been properly vetted so as to not cause game disrupting glitches. People making posts like this begging and demanding new stuff to come out now now now puts unnecessary pressure on Funcom. Causing them to rush out content too soon and breaking the game. As the last like 6 major updates have done.

Lads please, Tinfoil hats and fearmongering off.