Deadeye and Warden perks are no fun on Fighter thralls

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: #3835

As my fighter thralls level, the have rolled Warden and Deadeye as perks. Of those thralls, one has both. That really breaks the fun after working hard to level them.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Level a Fighter thrall
  2. Note the perks it gains
  3. Note the perks that should be on Archers instead of Fighters.

May all who brought these perks to the game roll nothing but them for their fighters.

Hi @Dzonatas, thank you for your feedback, although it’s intentional that the current system allows for this we’re always monitoring player input.

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Okay, please share the hardship when one of my fighter pets is the greater variant. That’s like a 10% (at best 20%) chance to raise from the start. Now, you multiply that chance with another chance to get all fighter perks as it levels. It rolls an archer perk instead. It’s not like a human fighter thrall you can just give a bow to if it rolls archer perks. Pets don’t use bows, so the archer perk is a nerf!

See? No fun due to all that work only for a nerf.

@Hugo so… should this be in general discussion instead of ps4 bugs?


We collect feedback from both general discussion and suggestions as well, so either would be fine as you’ll be likely to get input of other players and further discuss the matter at hand.

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So giving pets human traits was intended, could you explain why that would even be intended to give animals human perks that do them no good at all. I am sorry but I do not understand how this could even be a thing, what good does a perk such as Warden and Deadeye do a pet???

If you could enlighten me to why that would be intended I would be most interested.

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Thralls, Mounts, and Pets have distinct pools of perks, some of which share similar bonuses.

The Deadeye and Warden perks or their attribute effects should not be accessible to pets, if this somehow occurred to you please open a new thread in order to report the issue.

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