Deadeye perk on fighters is a sick joke that needs to stop

Dead eye either needs to go or be exlusive to archers…

Honestly i have better luck making archers out of fighters with how often the deadeye perk always drops on fighters…

Dead eye perk for you and a dead eye perk for you, oh there’s an archer in the back there, heres jack of all trades.

Seriously funcom is this a troll?

Deadeye is almost a guarantee on most fighters that it’s almost like it’s a sick joke to you guys to do this to us, we put a lot of time and effort into these thralls so a single perk should not mess that up for me or atleast let me reset the perk for a cost and try again.

For a lot of folks deadeye on a fighter is a immediate break bond

Just leveled my best thrall with the best luck in stats for once as well and guess what…first perk is deadeye, cuz screw me right?

Like funcom, i dont think you truly understand how utterly demoralizing it is to spend forever to get a certain thrall then level him and first perk just butchers the entire time you put in, it’s honesty a slap in the face

Stat reducing perks should be locked to the thrall type

Or at minimum respect our purge thralls and stop doing this to them at the very least, other thralls we can get again, but purge thralls should atleast be locked in their type with perks


After killing half of Siptah with my latest “Superstar”, she became a “Resourceful Skulker”. Understandable… and a “Warden”. She just don´t likes the action.


It’s honestly killing me, like i hate leveling thralls at this point for the sole reason I’m probably going to get the exact perks i DONT want on the damn thralls every single time, all the time and work and effort that we put in gets taken away by some crappy perk system that funcom thinks is “ok”

Got a fighter, you bet your getting an accuracy perk

I dont even have an archer with deadeye! Lmao

Like i get they want the perks to be random but honestly someone on the dev team needs to actually look into this rather then saying “working as intended” because working as intended with wrong perks happening on thralls almost 90% of the time is pretty insulting to their player base


If it helps: The attributes don’t make thaaat much of a difference except for Vitality.

It would be nice to have at least two perks to select from when they level up, or maybe different perk lists for Fighters and Archers - as they’ve done with different animals.


It is extremely annoying and makes no sense. On the other two hands the stats don’t make that much difference plus the random factor will often result in a thrall with negative perks still being better overall than one with no negatives but who got unlucky rolls each level up.

Should deadeye ever be strapped to the nose of a rocketship and steered into the heart of a star as it goes supernova and becomes a black hole it’s a pretty good bet I won’t shed a tear.


Seriously funcom like what the hell!

This is beyond funny now…

Like it’s actually insulting and pretty rude the time im putting into my thrallS just to have this crap keep happening, like this is honestly starting to make me hate myself…

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Like honestly this is beyond funny and disrespectful to a players time and efforts they are clearly making to level a thrall, stop taking our time put in away for no reason!

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“Working as intended” :roll_eyes:

Like i actually broke my elite 2…i never rage and this has liturally given me a mental break down…like I’m beating a wall, i honesty am only getting archer perks ever on fighters and it’s killing my will to even play! Hours of leveling thrall…gone again, try another thrall, something, try and other, same thing…I’m not joking when i said I snapped, i lost it when that second perk dropped…

I’m usually calm but this is just…wow

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It is not that punishing damage-wise, the points only add a couple % to the damage output.
But I understand that is frustrating to level up a FIGHTER, hoping it will be all brawler, not a wannabe archer.
Do what I used to do: get him nude for his sins and throw him in front of the Arena champion with his bare fists (since he doesn’t want to be a fighter, but he is not an archer either).

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I guess that’s why he’s called “the Accursed”.


Before transfer I would have disagreed. As on IoS Accursed Berserkers and the named Accursed fighters have the highest ranged damage multipliers of all the thralls available, which means they are the best archers outside of the two Accursed Archers available.

Now that we can get THRS Archers on IoS idc if fighters get deadeye anymore.

A guy who fight with a two-handed sword gets accuracy instead of strengt is a big joke. Its no longer fun to lvl thralls its one of the reason i quit the game.

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