Pets with archer perks are nerfs!

I haven’t seen discussion about pets with archer perks. It’s not like human thralls that you can just switch to bows. You can’t give a bow to a pet, and expect them to use it!

We’re talking about the Deadeye perk and the Warden perk. They nerf the strength for gain in other stats. There has been some discussion already:

Is there any advantage for pets with archers perks? I haven’t found it.

I described the scenario with pets here in the bug forum:

I’m suggesting we do away with archer perks on pets. Funcom wants to see more community support to rid of the nerf.


I think in the last patch they were adjusted for giants… but left for others, so I guess whatever the reasons are diliberate.

Well they’re functionally useless for Fighter thralls too, given their… reluctance… (read: bugged) to switch weapons. But sure, it makes even less sense for pets.


What about the Spiders and the Reaper Queen?


Are they classed as archers or fighters? If they are classed as archers, then it balances, right?

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Personally I think that if they are classed as an Archer type they should only pull from the Archer pool. Regardless if it’s positive or negative. Fighters should only pull from the Fighter Perks. Regardless if it is an Animal/Beast Thrall or a Human.

Fighter = Fighter Perks

Archer = Archer Perks


Fair point. I plead ignorance, never really used either ( and not at all since the leveling update).

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So… should we just stop at level 19 before the “intentional” nerf?

I agree, however, that the archer pool and fighter pool should be separated by class.

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At this point I think the only hope for those of us who have been dealing with the…newness of this System is that they let us reset Thrall Perks with some kind on Potion in the future. That’s if and only if they don’t nerf Thralls all together with the current call to nerf Thralls below the actual Player damage output. RIP. At that point, I’ll toss in the towel… The grind to get all my Base defense to 20 has been exhausting, if they were to spit on our backs by nerfing the Thrall to nothing instead of working on the real issues.


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My guess it is tempting to require a DLC for fodder that doesn’t nerf your pet. That would be like a potion.

It may get us half way there; because having the variants (i.e. greater) is the other half way point. That is the 10%-20% chance to raise one.