Dear dev please add this things to the game

dear dev, the most illustrious and majestic and supreme of them all…

  1. please add to the game settings an option to toggle off the death tombstone of players…
  2. please add pict thralls spawning

please dear dev <3

The death marker is there to help you find your body, so you can recover your gear.
It was much harder to find body’s before this was implemented.

A toggle is only useful if your intent is to make the game more difficult, if you just don’t like leaving marker around you can destroy it with a pick after you recover your things.

I’m all for Pict thralls

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im talking about the headstone pile you get on top your body…sometimes inside your body…im saying it would be nice to have the option to toggle that one off…yes i want it to be bit of a punishment to die…so if you die you better get back quickly to your body to get your things or you lose it… the little skull pile on a stick is what i wanna toggle off …not the map marker…

or adlist make it so the headstone show up only after the body despawned

Tombstone fixed a long occurring bug where the corpse fell through the map. You do not want that disabled.


pfff still do want to have that option tho…

i dont mind the risk…it acsualy make the houl dying thinge even more punishing… and i like that…

easy to rp that someone alse snatched your gear if that bug accure…heck we in the freaking exiled lands…its a freaking prison…its a dog eat dog world…

But not due to bugs, to game mecanics…

If you want it tougher, here’s a thought… Just don’t go get your stuff and you can RP that someone took it. Or RP whatever you want, but don’t force everyone else to do that too. :wink:


did you even read what i was suggesting?..a toggle option…“an option” nothing about changing anything that would effect ANYONE ALSE unless they manualy goingt o their settings and toggle it …like already feature that already toggleble ;>

That is even less likely to happen… @Multigun knows more about how the game is implemented, so he can correct me if I’m wrong, but I suspect that the tombstone is spawned server-side, which means it’s either there for everybody or for nobody.

And I doubt very much that they would go to the trouble of adding a configuration option that would disable the client-side rendering of the tombstone just because one person asked it. It’s just not worth the effort.

It looks like the best you can hope for is for someone to make a mod, if this is something that can be achieved through mods.

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I would like to be able to click remove it on the map when I don’t need it anymore though that would be fun.


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