Dear forumers is it safe to log in?

I AM traumatized with chapter 3.

Can i play , AM i going to find myself with a nasty surprise ? Should i wait ?

Please let me know how things are going thanks


Things are fine for me on Xbox other than the live service constantly removing permission for my battle pass items.

So… bad, but not as destructive as the last two updates?

From what iv found in the forums is:
players and thralls spawning in foundations.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Inventory management is a mess.:disappointed:
Some priests are now consumable. :joy:


No. Inventories are an auto-sort wreck. And no more specific stack splitting. Don’t bother coming back. They are stripping away FEATURES here.


The fact that we have to check in on the forums before trying to log in after an “update” is a terrible state to be in, but here we are.

I’d wait. (Check out new games while you wait)

Inventory is a dumpster fire.
Things are spawning in foundations.
Bazar and Battlepass things don’t know you own them and you can’t touch things.
And as always the devs are “listening” but doing nothing about major issues or long standing things.


It’s not destructive but even more disappointing, that’s the way i would describe it.
You shouldn’t lose followers or items and stuff, but they can drown in fountains.

The changes to inventory UI are awful. Didn’t test everything so far.
But bearers received a HUGE nerf.
My bearers went from about 14k hp to about 2k.

“Enter on own risk” i guess :sweat_smile:

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that not even enough hp to stay alive in the wild … holy shit

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what bearer was it? mione went from 16k to 7k

I got a bearer called Ortha from the purge BEFORE chapter 4 dropped an leveled her up to 20. And she got “only” 4k hp.

But she still has 4k hp!
Maybe Ortha will be the best t4 bearer now, i‘m happy that i kept her.

Anyways, frustrating just frustrating!
It almost seems they read the feedback and then they do the EXACT OPPOSITE.


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It looks like all of mine basically lost half HP across the board.

you mean like we can actually eat them and they disappear?

Kathibria and amazdi (2 of each of them)
Went from about 14 each to about 2k each


Excellent question. Here’s my experience so far:

Losing connection with game frequently.

All ancestry recipes reset with no access to reaquire. Had to purchase an item from Bazaar store to get access to all ancestral recipes (change red to green).

My personal inventory is not remembering how I customise it. Every time I log in I have to rearrange the inventory, which is wasted time.

Benches have significant lag when scrolling around and searching. I’ve timed it - takes a full second for me to move to next item in inventory, where before it was freely moving in real time.

Items disappear when moving inventories (although Funcom have advised on that one).

I logged in underwater, which is definitely not where I logged off.

Base is still there. Items, thralls and pets are still there.

Not sure if that’s encouraging for you.

I’ll let you decide.

Oh, and everyone hates the new inventory organising system.



lol at the end of hte day its just gonna be a grind fest of archer making archer wall and make them pew pew from safe :stuck_out_tongue: .

Also i did some light testing with balista … its even more useless then i thought … the act of reloading is far too long … the craftable menu is laughable as it is … the angle of the shot and how far it goes is way too short for what a real version does … Also star caller is the most OP part of purge … sad that we cant harvest the starmetal off of it.

Didn’t test it myself, but we can harvest those meteors!
Saw it on YT

just tried it in my single player … it wouldnt let me harvest it
might been a bug

That must be a bug, i was near the oasis and tried to harvest trees and stones and nothing happened.

Logged out and back in and it worked again. :man_shrugging:

No I don’t think we can physically eat them but from what iv seen on the forums is that they are just listed as consumables.

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