Dear funcom, developers,players, server owners, and every one who's is fighting for this game


In their defense, the announced date for release was made many months in advance, and before the combat patch was on Testlive. Things seemed pretty stable on Live before the combat update, but then that patch broke so many things…

In retrospect, I wish that I had reported more bugs while that patch was in test build, but I was optimistic that they were aware of (and working on fixing) more bugs. Now I feel it is necessary to bring every bug to light, regardless of how severe it is, because it still has an impact on game play and immersion.

Funcom has done a wonderful job on this title and it has been well worth the negligible sum that I paid for access, but it isn’t as polished as the games I grew up playing. I have had to lower my expectations in recent years due to games being released by smaller studios with the ability to patch things after release.

You could not patch things on the N64 or early PC games the way we can now, and so they get some leeway to begin making profit before the game is finished. While I lament that Electronic Arts has not released any replacement for SWTOR or that XL Games has systematically destroyed ArcheAge with each update, I do find it refreshing to see Funcom making such an original survival game. I just wish that it was more polished, lol.


Oh I forgot knock out other players . I know they said they wanted to do it better then ark. Still waiting on that


Funcome is a little gamingcompany and they need income to survive !


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