Dear Funcom, stop listening to crybabies

Crybabies are a big problem for this game. It could be so nice and challenging. We don’t need to feed thralls anymore because some noisy crybaby wants to have 5000 thralls but can’t feed them.

Crybabies want 5000 guarding animals because they are afraid of a purge with a bunch of shallbacks but can’t feed them because they are too lazy.

The result of this is that now almost every official PVE server is full of abandoned animals and thralls standing everywhere, taking the best places for building bases.

And no, you cant pull a boss everywhere because not everywhere are bosses.

Please FUNCOM, do something and don’t listen to crybabies. A game should be at least a bit challenging. Crybabies can play CO-OP and build their Barbie castles with ponies. But let us common players have a bit a challenge and reality in this game.

Thank you,

Darkslav, almost 2800 hours in game since release.


Stop listening, funcom !

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Dear Darkslav,

you may well have a valid point in your post, and your opinion regarding game content and its challenge level is as valuable as everyone else’s.

But please do not call people who disagree with you “crybabies”. That’s just trying to pick a fight with other people instead of discussing the merits of your arguments.

Me, I want to build Barbie castles with ponies. I also like the occasional threat of a Purge. But as I play single-player I simply cannot afford the logistics of follower upkeep, so I was happy that there was an option to turn the hunger system off. So of course, the update that removed the hunger system never affected me.

But just because I play solo doesn’t mean I cannot respect other people’s playstyles. I don’t want PVP players to lose their PVP options. I don’t want PVE players lose their precious coopetitive sandboxes. If you want something for yourself - then please, don’t do it at the expense of those players who play this game in a different way from yours.

There are tons of private servers that cater for all sorts of playstyles. Maybe you can find one suitable to your tastes. The official servers, on the other hand, should at least try to cater for the average player, because most of the time, that’s the first point of contact a player has with the game. And if your “crybabies” actually form a majority of the player base, then Funcom’s best strategic move is to listen to them. As customers, they are equally valuable to you.

Perhaps hardcore players like you should have a separate “Ironman mode” or something so you could have your challenge without taking the game out of reach of the average, casual player. The best way everyone can be happy is to discuss our various points of view in a civil and respectful manner so we can find a solution - or even multiple solutions - that work for everyone.

But disrespect others, and you will find no respect yourself, and end up hurting the cause you want to promote.


Great points. I too tire of the added name calling about posts/comments/player bases. It’s as if that will make the name callers’ opinion fact, and all other POV’s irrelevant. But to me it really shows the lack of true thought behind the name callers opinion and hoping to resort to arguing instead of discussing merits of the differing opinions.


I have to agree with Darkslav. Please turn the hunger system back on. If someone finds that they’re spending too much time feeding thralls and pets, too bad. It would be nice to be able to cull the herd simply by letting them starve (or, better yet, be disposed-of per a post in the Suggestions forum). Anyone who really wants those 5000 NPCs can have them if they want to take care of them. Otherwise, they can just deploy a reasonable number that can be cared-for and personally help those thralls/pets when a purge occurs.

What we nees is both systems.

  1. They die if we dont feed them so that players who drop random thralls in the location they Will eventually die of starvation.

  2. 2 week abandoned as is now. If the player character does not show up orntheir base decays the Thralls die.

Before it was possible to have a base blow up and pack an animal with as much food as possible so they could stay for 2 months.


Feed them to keep them. But if you aint around they die anyways.

Stops the lazy.

It needs to be a hybrid of the two we had


The hunger system was a good idea and worked fine. As someone here said with one fish trap you can feed thralls for a long time. Okay, maybe my first posting was a bit harsh but we really need a solution. Build whatever you want how big you want and get how many thralls you want. But you will need to feed them. It is like in real life. Many people cost much money and time to care about them. We cant just let all these abandoned thralls and animals hanging around. In 2-3 months we will reach a point where servers will be slowed down because of many animals standing around and there wont be good places to build because nobody wants the thrall of a player who left long ago in his bedroom.

Another idea would be to give thralls and animals a decay timer without feeding them. You need to move around them or they will decay. Like with buildings. BUt this would motivate griefers and trolls to place useless T1 thralls all over the map with a timer of 7 days to block other player or claim good places for bases. This why the hunger system was the best solution so far and I really dont understand why they stopped it.

As I said. If someone wants many thralls and animals, he will have work to care about them. Just logic.


2 sides to this coin…

On one hand I feel compelled to agree with Darkslav. A feeding system encourages quality over quantity.

On the other hand I disagree, because not having to feed thralls is a definitely more conducive to playing a game, as opposed to performing a chore.

People don’t seem to convert their really low quality pets into better pets, but use quantity over quality instead, then complain about the feeding system.

As a person who has fed 500 dinosaurs for 2 years, then a garrison of 40 extremely well equipped thralls (lost legion, and legendary weapons) I have come to resent feeding systems. It is a kinda of paranoia that destroys vacations abroad, and lingers in the back of your mind all the time.

"There is no english word for describing the agony of anticipation. "- Meiko, Star Trek Discovery S2


According to funcom the thralls/pets should die if no one has logged in after two weeks … on 16 March EU time is 14 days after patch released … so some should die off then or maybe on 17 March. (The downside of the feeding mechanism as it was … was that you could load them with long lasting food and they’d stay around for 78 days max.)
But I don’t think Funcom has considered that on official servers which has no Admin to clean up that it will become a new way to troll/grief entire servers by people logging in for a couple of minutes to renew the timers. Petty yes, but some people are just [insert judgemental word here].


Its Conan. It’s meant to be a harsh world

If there was an easy way to get rid of the low-quality pets/thralls, people might be more willing to replace them.

In real life I could also delegate responsibilities to people working for me. If I can trust a thrall with a weapon and let him guard my valuables, surely I could trust one to collect food from my fish traps and take it to his colleagues elsewhere.

That single shellfish trap won’t feed my thralls all across the world map, nor will my thralls take that shellfish and distribute it for me. I would still need to leg it all over the place, and that’s not how I want to spend my precious playing time.

goto pve-c server and kill’em!!!

Aye… sacrificing thralls to Yog needs to be a thing (again).

Wait … how do I get a pony for my Barbie castle? I want a pony.

I have 2801 hours in game since release :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also - just go to PvP server if PvE is too easy.

There’s good reason people don’t go to PvP and it’s not because it’s too hard.

the solution will be to make their food last longer, but required to keep them alive. so you have to do it but not that often (although if you plan yourself well, you could feed them once a month using food pots, but on the other hand, someone might say 7 days of decay timer is too short, as its required for you to log on and visit your bases once a week (At least).

food system is ok, it also stop the potentially griefing problems that will come without it, like having trhralls in the world that does not need to be fed, and simply not allowing people to build because of the thrall collision. (multiply that for 200, and you got a problem, (you can almost land claim with thralls) (not to mention the ones flying)

sadly , if you want a big army there is a price to pay, (xpend time feeding them , once a month if you plan it well. ) if its a few thralls like 20 to 40 its not really a problem , (god bless the honey)

Really, how hard is it to feed thralls anyway? Spend five, maybe ten minutes with a sickle, cook up some gruel, throw it in the giant stew pot and they’re good for a month.

its easier with honey lol.

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Pfft. Like I’d waste good honey on a bunch of thralls.

Nope, they get the weeds I removed from around my base boiled until it’s turns into a thick paste like substance. They need the extra fiber anyway.