Death by crushing game

Hey funcom how you doing? Im sure all is well. There is a common issue that i think most of the guys here would agree. As known the game most of the time will crush if we walk by a huge base . The problem is that our character will continue to walk straight foward without our control. Sometimes i find my dearh for falling of a cliff or drowining.
Its freakin annoying, why? For me its the sigil persue again and for no good reason. Doing the vaults again and waste my time on that instead of doing the things that i want. If its possible do somthing about it.

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Seeing the title, I thought: Death by Snu Snu?

Sadly, it’s just a complaint about crashes. How disappointing. Can’t help with that, don’t play multiplayer. But I can try to help with the spelling:

Crashing = program runs into fatal error
Crushing = Damaging an object by high pressure


It’s a huge issue. As soon as we exit the game, our character should stop moving. But this is not happening, the toon is still walking or running depending the condition you were before you crash. I know this because i play with others and i say…
(me) S… t, i crush again
(teammate) but you are still running
(me) please follow my toon i closed the game and i restart it
(teammate) come fast you are in the water now, swimming
(me) ok i log in
(teammate) yes your toon stoped now.

If i am lucky i stop on buildings or rocks, but most of the times i am not!

Ah death by Snu Snu… Not a bad way to go out.

Not so good for the other party involved though. :grimacing:

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your report @Opm, but we will need you to use the bug report template given so we can investigate the issue.

This template has marked most of the information we need, so please make another post and make sure to copy it! :smile:

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