Debaucheries of Derketo Pack - Rope bridges

Hiya all,

I have a suggestion regarding rope bridges in the new DLC: Debaucheries of Derketo Pack.

Right now we have 3 different lengths, this limits us using them over longer distances without using pillars or foundations from the ground up.

In my opinion using pillars between rope bridges is n’t a great solution.
It look wierd/dumb/unrealistic when you build a towering high pillar to support a bridge…

My suggestion:
Make the rope bridges act like horizontal elevators, the longer the distance the longer its gets, its okay if this is limited to a certain length but right now its kind of “strainge”.

What do you guys think?

If the movement speed compared to a elevator makes it OP, make the movementspeed on a bridge like this slower comparible with the elevator speed, but I don’t think this really is n’t a problem after all.

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Hi @prologue1337,

Rope bridges are already discussed here and here, don’t hesitate to join the discussion instead of starting a new one!

Did a search before I posted, missed those topics in the resuts, thanks

Will discus in those topics further!

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