Okay, now that's just laziness Funcom...Step up your game. Listen

A message from a paying customer.
Okay, so I finally finished watching the full “Darketto DLC” (Which has not one thing to do with Darketto) video and, personally, for a DLC that I paid for I’m really disappointed.

Okay, we all know DLC is simply reskinning currently available items with the occasional “new item” thrown in…I’m okay with that. HOWEVER, if you’re going to give us new building materials at least reskin the proper items.

Let’s take the (what could have been game-changing awesomeness) rope bridges.
WTF? How are you going to call them rope bridges when all they are is ceiling tiles? The “ropes” are pure window dressing. No “rope” bridge would need pillars. That literally defeats the purpose. (Hey, a pillar in the middle of nowhere…Maybe I should look up?) And don’t give us this, “we were not going to change the game mechanics to add a new piece” crap. It’s a DLC. We PAID FOR THIS expectation of quality. Besides that, you already have the “game mechanics” in the game for this. You can reskin the horizontal elevator instead of ceiling tiles! Come on guys, actually, think like a player instead of treating us like, “hey, we need to give them something. Just reskin this and pretend it’s something new.”

Make real rope bridges. We can already make bridges with ceiling tiles.

You should join the discussion here instead of starting a new thread. It’s already discussed at the top of topic list, you should have checked but maybe that’s just laziness :wink:


I do appreciate where you’re going but your tack is all off course.

MythBusters spoiled the structural limitations on rope bridges in 2007. Without a block and tackle (which we cannot invent in Conan Exiles) it is impossible to build an unsupported reinforced rope bridge past 29 feet. That’s under 10 meters, which in the game is just shy of 4 blocks. :nerd_face:


This is crap. I’ve seen and been on many really long “rope” bridges. You can make T1 Rope, T2 Vines reinforced and T3 can be made from Cables which would GREATLY expand the reach of a suspended bridge.

Even so, Okay let’s say you need to use pillars…it should be expanded from 4 to maybe 8 for bridges. You’re feeding us a line of crap. You can do better than what you’re putting out ESPECIALLY for paying customers.

I don’t work for Funcom, but even if I did the MythBusters’ findings are still fairly close to what we have in the game. If it weren’t for oxen or horse, there is no way to pull and tension a suspension bridge without block and tackle, none of which is in the game. Maybe when mounts are introduced, but otherwise it strains credulity to alter the game physics for one item. :slight_smile:


Sounds like you just watched FireSpark81’s video on the DLC. Your rant is verbatim what he said…


To be fair, the game physics allow for giant buildings to be built on top of tiny fingers of rock supported by a few foundations. I don’t think that allowing one building item that ignores some of the physics rules would be the point where we strain credulity. Mythbusters on rope bridges is the least of the games physics concerns.

I’d be in favor of reskinning the horizontal elevator. Any argument against pillar free rope bridges breaks down because we have horizontal elevators.


The elevator is a 32-block building piece. Each ceiling piece/bridge piece is one block. There really isn’t any equivalence.

You don’t get metal bars by pokin in a furnace either you know…

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I have to agree with this, if not the tone in the OP.

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The argument was in stream: Stability mechansim and how it is treated in the game.

You suddenly have building piece, which wouldnt have or require stability… Because thats what you ask (you = op).

People want something which works in RL, but the game is so far away from RL that I find it fascinating that RL is even an argument, because its not.
Just try in RL, adding 4 ceiling pieces to a foundation and then put an altar on it… It will break down, as the weight would be way to much. Probably the ceiling pieces wouldnt even hold in RL environments…

But suddenly this bridge should be RL? So, no, RL is NEVER an argument and never will be.

Elevators are only 2 ceiling pieces and are slow. If you could span a rope bridge over >20 tiles, it would not be as slow as the elevator.
So for more or less ignore durability, the downside of the elevator is the slow speed.

If you dont want pillars, play Minecraft :smiley:

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I’m all for game balance or similar arguments, I’m just saying I can see why one might not really be buying the “inadequate technology” one, given that we have drawbridges, elevators etc.

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Which are slow. An elevator is 1 tile piece at each end and I dont know how big the draw bridges are…

Yet people want >20 tiles rope bridges behave completely different with having no downside!

Please read my comment again. I’m saying the “we wouldn’t have the technology” argument is moot, that is all.

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