How do I support rope bridges?

I’m new to Conan and I can’t seem to support long rope bridges.

I’ve tried pillars but they don’t attach to the bridge, so what am I missing?



Been awhile since I used bridge but I think you can put a ceiling tile on end of bridge and connect pillar to tile .


I’That worked, but it seem dumb. Lol

Why not just let you attach directly to the bridge?

Thanks a lot.

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Yes it does take away from the looks I think one of the fence pieces sorta match the bridge to use on tile

Slightly off topic, but related. I would like rope bridges revised mechanically to be placed similar to horizontal elevators.
Craft the rope bridge.
Position the starting pylons on a buildable surface.
Rope bridge extends across the gap with anchor pylons automatically set in far side.
max distance perhaps 1/2 to 2/3 that of an elevator to avoid making them obsolete.

Do i see it happening? nope, but i’d like it far more than what we have.

That or halve the support drop by distance on a rope bridge to allow them to extend further before support is required.

There are mods that have longer (but structurally weaker) rope bridge for the PC, but that doesn’t help consoles.


Rope bridges span 4 tiles i think, from support. You can support from either end and make a bridge 8 tiles without center supports…makes it look cleaner…

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Everything is better attached on foundations than ceiling . Because rope bridges are counting like ceilings in the matter of stability , so if you want to place a long bridge you can only attach it on foundation . @Stinkyfingerton said something beautiful . To succeed this you have to start from foundation , make a gap of eight foundations and at the foundation number nine to go across and place the other long bridge . Still to fix this it means that you have to place all the 10 foundations line and then break the 8 in the middle , unfortunately there is no other way .

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