Decay bug claimed my well

Game mode: [Online official PvE C]
Type of issue: [Well decayed way faster than I think it should have.]
Server type: PvE C
Region: [Please enter your server region]

Well decayed overnight when I’m pretty sure the decay timer on it should have been reset.

Logged out last night, logged back in today to find the well in the middle of my castle had decayed when I walked out to use it. Where it was located I had to walk within close proximity to it to enter the structure I was in. (I’ve left it alone for a day or so in the past without it decaying before. I don’t see why it should have decayed overnight when the decay timer on it should have been reset last night.)


I think yes, there is still a problem going on with the decay-system, especially with some structures, like wells, statues, and such.

Still having them on a foundation, sure, but is that really the solution to all ? i doubt.
Ever on foundations this seems to happen from time to time.

So yes, one, of course not the only reason i avoid official servers.
While i think a decay-system is needed for official and all more populated servers, the current system still has to much flaws for me to enjoy it. Decay is ok for me as long it’s manageable, but mostly it’s look to me more than a lottery.

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