Decay related question oifficial grief fest server #1516 pve-c

i logged on this morning and the surroundings of my base were clean. i did some chat and like 1h30 ago, its currently 3h30pm 4-4-2019, a set of stairs and fishing nets with a decay timer of 10 hours appeared out of nowhere…

how long is a decay timer on a charthat was created and erased after?

How many foundations do you have around the area where your fish traps are. If you drop a few foundations they will decay quick.

I used 6x6 or created circles with the wedges. This tends to help. The closure to the base the better I find.

4x4 will cumble

the build was

foundation a set of stairs and another foundation then a t1 standing torch 10’ farther an unconscious corpse. but its good the " building" and fishing net decayed.
and its not an isolated case on 1516. most peopel opposing trolls and greifers end up with that kind of scrap build around their bases to prevent expansion.

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