Decay timer still set to 2 weeks on officials

The timers should never be 7 days…8 days would be nice for the casual gamer. like play a saturday then wait a week and play the next sunday.

I appreciate the correction, Code. All is well.

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It’s a public official server. Private/solo servers are for unlimited building. Funcom has said this many times, and it’s in their code of conduct we’re shown every time we log on.

Limits are not a bad thing at all, as long as they are sensible. Are they a perfect solution? Of course not, no one said that, but the servers are not actively monitored. Don’t let ‘perfect get in the way of good’. It sounds like you’ve not read what I wrote above. I’d encourage you to.

Contributing on an official server, is about community. That is the primary difference between it and solo. This extends far beyond ‘what I can build for others’.

It’s an official server, there needs to be a balance, and everyone knows no one can ever expect the community to self regulate themselves in terms of this, restrictions and impositions need to be imposed. This is true for every facet of life. That’s why we have rules.

Again, they’re not a bad thing; just need to be imposed sensibly to stop the players that overtly abuse the system to the determinant of others. Players abuse the system, and there are problems. I said nothing about stopping larger builds. Large great bases should be encouraged.

I crux is; It’s basically about introducing engineered solutions to the game for their rules that they already have in place.

Why not just raid them?

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I like this one!

Im still old school and i walk or ride everywhere.

But if youve got 4 portals then thats 20 slots for example.

Sounds good to me.


Funny you should mention the code of conduct, because it doesn’t mention anything about the size of your builds. The official server rules are not – and never were – about how much you build, they are about the effect of your build on other players’ gameplay experience:

Furthermore, we’ve already had confirmation from Funcom that the number of bases – one of the things you propose to limit – is not a problem in and of itself:

All in all, you’re proposing a solution to something that isn’t a problem. :man_shrugging:

If I had a dime for every time someone assumed I didn’t read what they said just because I disagreed with them, I would quit my job and dedicate my time to monetizing other people’s condescension :laughing:

Exactly. It’s why we have rules. It’s a people problem, and everyone in tech knows that you can’t solve a people problem with tech.

Like I said above, your proposal is a solution in search of a problem. The problem is not a quantifiable aspect of the building system, which is why you can’t solve it with a limit.

I think that FC should prebuild a maproom near each oblisk so that multiple players do not feel the need to build one. The Mounds, the Sinkhole and Warmaker’s oblisks usually have multiple maprooms because people seem to be to lazy to walk to their neighbors place to use a maproom or the neighbor has been selfish and closed off their maproom.

I do like the idea of the portals using thrall spots, that would solve a lot of problems.

I also think that one main functional base is all anyone needs since we have multiple ways to move over the map, of course that base would have to follow the rules of not being too big or blocking paths or content.

I also agree that each clan only having one alter per religion is the best way to go. It would be nice if they reduced the amount of space required between the alters since the current placement has to be 8 blocks minimum between them.

Smaller top tier benches would be nice but FC seems to want to make them bigger. Also a smaller version of the maproom would be nice, I played once on a private that had a mod that made them smaller.

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They tend to create lots of lag. Actually, on siptah, since I’ve been rebuilding, I’ve been making small outposts around the map and putting one per religion at each one. My main base is in a high traffic area, and likewise, is the only base without one. I think this helps.

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Its actually selfish to want other players to play your style. Sometimes things come up and people can be on as often but dont want to lose their builds.

Play the game and dont worry about others. If you want their building spot, go to another server.


You are making the assumption that a person only wants the location to build a base of their own when that is not the case. I think most times it is about one clan/player that has massive builds all over the map, or that they are clearly breaking the rules and nothing is being done about it, or that the base in question is blocking a pathway or causing lag due to the amount of torches or decorations they have littered about (both of which are against the rules).

For me it is not about forcing anyone to play or build the way I think they should it is more about consideration to the fact that other people play on the same server and no one needs 3+ large bases on an official server.

Nope 168 hours is too short for the amount of time you spend on these bases. You might have an emergency on day 5 or 6 of the week that keeps you out. Maybe just a tech problem with your ISP, and oh, all your work is gone. Poof!

I think the reason it is 336 hours now is to retain new players. Maybe it goes back to 168, but that is too short and I don’t see a reason for it. I still play almost every day.

I suppose some players are Decay Timer watching and they see the timer go down, down, down, the 336 hours all the way to 70 or so and then the owner comes back on and oh no, if only the decay timer were 168 hours all this would be mine, MINE! But it wouldn’t. Players are more aware than the OP thinks. I think the decay timer at 336 has been very good for retaining players. Servers are very busy now, except PvP.

By the way the decay timer for your deployed thralls is still 12 days. If you are gone longer they all leave out of boredom!

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Goodness, of course it’s a problem. That much is extremely obvious.
There are many threads/post on the topic, and Funcom official responses about trying to do better.
Anyways, it’s come to that point; Let’s agree to disagree.
Thanks for your debate :slight_smile:

To be fair, as I understand it’s not intended to be a timer where you log in once weekly to maintain your base. It’s a timer there so that ‘if’ you have an emergency or similar come up you have a week/2-weeks to get back to the game before you lose your base.

The intent I believe was never to provide a mechanism for players to be able keep their structures in-game whilst not actually playing the game.

Players who build the mega-structures are very motivated, they are on every day and likely have a clan. Their bases have been there for years in many cases. They would be unaffected by a 168 hour decay timer. Until they quit Exiles. No, if you want them to change their server lagging bases ways it would take an intervention.

I commiserate that I did not build a little base in the Keyhole ruin at the reservior when I had the opportunity. Now a base that includes the dam, the Keyhole, the far shore, the second tower, is there. They were there for most of their time wiith decay timers at 168.

I never said otherwise. I play almost every day 168 hours or 336 hours, makes no difference. I said events can occur in the real world that would prevent you from logging in and 168 hours does not allow for this.

Then the complaint is the fact that the other player has built stuff.

Total BS here. If its against the TOS and been reported Funcom acts fast. If I can get a ban for a bridge, a massive overbuild breaking the rules will also be acted on.

Says you. I say people should have one near each POI they interact with on a normal basis.

You could not be more incorrect with that statement. The report’s validity does not determine how fast the report is investigated, acted upon and closed. I have one report sitting still open after 17 days for a clear violation of TOS for spamming a river with pillars, fence foundations, and lighthouses for no other purpose than to prevent others from building within the entire grid he has built his base. This is the specific rule he is violating:

Mind you, this is the 2nd time I have reported this infraction. The 1st report went unanswered for 30 days. Then I received the “sorry, we are busy. hope it’s fixed itself”. Well, it didn’t. Guess why? The person logs in every week to reset his hellscape. So if and when Funcom finally wipes his entire grid river land claim, I suspect he will cry that it’s because his build was “too big”. Rarely do people ever think about the possibility that the size of the main build was not the issue, it was how they build all around it. Frankly, being greedy.

I don’t agree that a ban for this should the go-to response for building a bridge. So, I’m on your side there. However, bridges and pathways were explicitly used as an example by Umborls as to what type of buildings are in TOS violation. Does banning you right away make that ok? NO. I’ve stated before in this forum that the communication following wipes needs to be improved.

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Trust me it is not total BS that for the last several months FC has been more focused on Battlepass and Bazaar than on reports of rules being broken. Tickets are going a month or more before they are being closed even when the bases are clearly going against TOS with such things as blocking pathways, torches and other decorative items being used as land claim, bases with actual foundation land claim, bases spanning more than 1 grid of the map, stairs built in the sides of mountains that are just there so someone does not have to climb a mountain to reach a resource and are not attached to a base (basically a mountain bridge) and the one that I fail to understand how it is even possible is bases without an owner name.

I just like many other players have always had just one base on a server and have never needed one at every POI especially when others are kind enough to place a maproom near the POI, and now with teleports it makes it even less necessary to have more than one fully equipped base…all you need is one base and then place a SMALL build that houses a teleport at any POI that you need. I think most private servers limit their players to only one base and some even limit the size of base you can have.

Bottom line is that it is inconsiderate to the rest of the server population to build multiple huge bases across the map causing lag and a lack of building spots for others. If a person wants to build all over the map or extremely huge then they should consider either a dedicated server or renting their own server.

Exactly. Not to mention, while it takes us 2 weeks to a month to receive a response on a valid report in the meantime new players see these infractions and think “if they are building in X manner then so can I”. So now the map has new problems popping up adding to the original problem. It can be impossible to get a grip on. Even if one infraction is wiped, 3 players in the global chat cry out “I don’t understand why she was wiped, there are X builds like hers all over the place and those are still up!”. Yeah…that’s the problem. It never ends.

I personally won’t ever be in favor of limiting how many bases a person or clan has, and that might be because I’ve yet to see a suggestion/solution that made the most sense for the entire player base and not just someone’s opinion of how the game should be.

However, there is a big issue with clans on PvE that have 7 members each building their own megabase as their home and then when content slows or they get bored they take to building even more places just to have something to do. Now, I’m a proud builder myself. But if I build a design, I intend to use it. Or I dismantle one base, pack it up and move to a new location with a fresh design.

Let me just clarify that I am not saying that players need to do this, or play how I play.

Still, the amount of empty bases I see on both of my servers is mind-blowing. Players build bases and leave them empty for months, never utilizing them as outposts that are even remotely functional. They are just massive castles, maybe with altars. Granted there is no rule about this in the TOS, so in view, any build like this would not be considered a valid report. Just a huge annoyance.

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Anyway to get back on topic for OP’s post. The 360hr decay timer poses an issue when it comes to pillar and foundation land claim. These photos were taken today on an official PvE server. These pieces normally should have a low decay timer. However, there is a workaround people are using to make the timers much higher, therefore creating land claim that has a ridiculously high timer.