Decayed base hunters needed!

I am looking for people to test my website that tracks decayed bases for both Exile and Siptah.

Welcome to Halpher’s base tracker (HBT) halpher[dot]com
You can use the “try it” tab if you want to test before registering.

You will need to register to keep track of your bases.
Note: Registration email might go to spam.

After you first login it will take you to the preferences tab to set your server.
If you don’t see your server in the drop down. Click the “<don’t see your server click here>” link.
That will allow you to create a server.
All you need to do is add server name and pick which map it is.
You can track up to 3 different servers.

If you have any issues or concerns, send me a message.



Interesting idea. Good luck.

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Is this for PC and consoles?

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What is the purpose of this tracker?

Halpher, just so you are aware your registration emails are being automatically sent to spam box.

This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you Halpher.

It is for both. It is a website to track bases.

It is for die hard base hunters. You can pull up a web browser to monitor bases that are going to decay.
So you know exactly when to loot them.

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Thanks for the information about the email. That is a good think to note.
Hope you enjoy!

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Ok so for loot hunters basically?

Do you manually input the information into the website and then it continues to track? Or is automatic based on which server you choose?

You have to manually enter, then it tracks.
It really is not that bad to put them in.
as I am playing when I hit a base I check and put it in the site.

When I’m playing I check every base, especially the sandstone ones. If they are down to less the 100 hours, I make them on my in game map and name them by decay time and date I checked.

So basically I’d be doing just what I am doing and this app is dependent on other people on my server reporting decaying bases to it. Right?

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I use to do that also. But there were a lot of limitation to the in game map.
The in game map limits the number of items on the map and you have to move all over the map to see when the next base is decaying.

With my map you can map unlimited bases and I show you when and where the next base is decaying. you can pull it up on your phone computer to see when the next base decays.

Your mapped items is yours only no one will be able to see your mapped bases.

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