Dedicated server bandwidth

Hi friends,

I need your help. Is anyone here playing now on a dedicated server with 10~20 MODs? May I ask how much network bandwidth is ConanExiles.exe now using when you are normaly playing?

Let’s say if you tell me: it is around 1000 kbps, I am going to rent a cloud server with 10Mbps bandwidth.( 1000kbps*10players= 10Mbps bandwidth . The official wiki /Dedicated_server_system_requirements talked nothing about net bandwidth.

here is the background:

I just moved to a new country and will meet more new friends here.

I am planning move my dedicated server from USA to local place. But the problem is, the price of cloud server network bandwidth in this country is extremely high.

1Mbps for about 3USD/month, and 10Mbps for 70USD/month, 20Mbps for 190USD

I don’t know why and have no idea. Or my backup plan is to rent a server in a nearby country, and my place have weak network import/export over countries, so that the ping would be higher than 80ms.

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