Dedicated Server gets increased ping

Hello, i am hosting server for this game to play with my friends and we noticed that this game has quite high ping. Every player ingame has +40ping to what it should be. (no its not internet fault since directly pinging it outside game everyone gets low ping since it has dedicated business connection and i run other game servers on it for years now without such issues)

I am running Dell PowerEdge R310 with Xeon cpu and SAS drives in raid. and i have given 12GB ram for VM where i run Conan dedicated server. CPU usage never goes above ~15%

Players that should have bellow 5 ping have 40+, those who should have 25-30ping have 60-70 and friends who live in other countries have ~100 of the ~60 ping they should have.

Any idea what i need to tweak so that this game has decent ping?

there is a high load of traffic coming from conan, with alle the pve elements like npcs and stuff.

on the officials my ping was also like ~64 , where my connection allows something between 10-30

any ping above >150 should be a warning signal , but under this, it can happen and I would even call it normal in a big Survival game

I assume you mean the ping inside the game. That includes server ticks so you cant use that as a measurement to regular RTT ping.

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