Dedicated server CPU requirements

Been running my own dedicated server for a while and I used to think the micro teleports were code related, but I’m never seeing those when I play official servers. Is it possibly my own server specs are sub standard for the game? Currently I have:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
Memory: 16384MB RAM

I never thought it was my specs causing the micro teleports (lag), because when I run performance monitoring, the CPU never goes above 20% utilization. RAM stays about 8GB used, out of 16GB. My server shows up with ~40 ping on the steam server list.

So, is my CPU just a bit under powered for hosting this game? Is it more likely something with my internet getting random latency spikes? My lag teleports are very sporadic. Sometimes I won’t see any for a few minutes. Sometimes 2-3 within 30 seconds.

Any thoughts would be awesome and appreciated.

UE4, and by extension Conan Exiles (and really just about every game out there) rely’s most on the speed and quality of what a single core processor can bring. UE4/Conan Exiles does allow multi core processes to happen, but the majority happens on a single core.

You have a 2.3GHz 3rd gen mobile I7 that is in no way shape or form optimized for operating a server. It does the job, but if you want better performance, an upgrade would be recommended I would say.

If you want a full breakdown, I bookmarked Tascha’s old post on the whole dealio.

But basically, video games have and continue to be optimized for single core useage. Applications in the real world that utilize multi-core are on the design side of things, such as rendering, simulation, game and software development, etc.

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Ah yes. I remember this thread now. Thank you for reminding me. This explains why I am not maxing out my CPU - in theory, yet am falling slightly short on performance. I guess it is time to build a small dedicated server and retire my old gaming laptop to the closet or ebay.

I am using a virtual machine with 4 cores and 16gb of ram assigned. Its AMD FX 8320 3.5GHz 8 core with 32gb ram linux box.

Main work gets done on 1 core (except when starting the server app, all cores fire up perfectly). I do see that 1 core does most of the work while game is running, however CPU is not a bottle neck at all on my system. Server runs perfectly, however I only ever have 2 players and its a LAN server (home network).

Usually lag is due to network (if its actually network lag). The more people that join the more lag you may get. If that is the case then its network related. That is provided you are not maxing out your CPU or RAM.

But perhaps I am wrong. On benchmarks your CPU is just a little less “powerful” than the one I am using on my virtual machine setup. VM is windows 10. But doesn’t hurt to get something more powerful if you can afford it. But it may not solve your issue if its purely network related.

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This thread is also on the wiki -properly formatted-:

Added a see also for (older) page on dedicated recommendations:

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So you said your setup is on a LAN. When we go through Steam to connect to our home server, does it just connect us directly to our server on the LAN, or is all communication passing through Steam? I assumed there was no direct connection, or I would be getting far better than 40ms ping on the server list.

On my LAN, it connects to steam to verify my account (login), and then I think it checks for cheat code or something. Once it gets past all that and you are on the server, its pure LAN, you can even disconnect your internet and still play on the LAN.

But as soon as you logout or disconnect, you have to go through that process again. So no pure LAN setup. We lost internet for 10 days and we had no way to play this game without connecting to the internet to login to steam etc.

oh, very cool. I did not realize steam just did the initial handshake. My LAN is all wifi, but very strong signals and a very nice high speed router. I suppose I could try hard wiring the server, just to eliminate one more possibility for the lag. I doubt many have wifi servers, but I hate wires. Such a mess.

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